Bonus Code: Social Casino Exclusive promo

Find the newest promo code and bonus coupon here. is a US-only social casino, not is a social casino, but you may still get a bonus. Our readers may register for a special bonus. This gives you 5% Rakeback on losses. Daily login bonuses and free Stake Cash are only the beginning.

stake us slot battle stake cash promo 1000 is a separate product from, and the latter is not accessible in the US. This evaluation is for

Promo Code For

Social casinos provide free casino-style games and sweepstakes rewards. US social casinos also offer new clients bonuses, but they work differently than real money bonuses.

Sign-up incentives are common on gambling sites. works with a bonus code.

Anyone may use; however, referral bonus codes don’t provide sign-up bonuses. Only codes generated by the staff grant sign-up incentives. claim bonus code Reload Bonus Code doesn’t provide a sign-up bonus. You may obtain a free Stake Cash bonus simply logging in everyday. The “rewards” portion of this review explains three additional methods to acquire free Stake Cash.

If you want to take advantage of our unique bonus with the promo code, be sure you follow the instructions below. It will activate a 5% Rakeback incentive, which will repay you for a portion of your losses, giving you more credits to play with.

Step 1) Navigate to the Homepage

Navigate to the site and choose the “Registration” option.

Step 2) Fill out the form

Fill out the form that appears with your personal information. Your email address, date of birth, login, and password will all be included.

Step 3) Enter your Bonus Code

Do not leave the registration form until you have entered the bonus code in the promo code box.

Step 4) Finish your registration

Once all fields have been completed, you can submit the form.

Step 5) Validate your account

You will get an email with a verification code. To verify your account, click on it. registration

How to Enter the Bonus Code

On, you may claim promo codes in two ways: when you establish your account or within 24 hours on the settings page of your account.

Here are step-by-step instructions for claiming promo coupons in each scenario:

Use this code when you join up

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Register Instantly’ or ‘Register’.
  3. Type in your account information.
  4. In the “Code (Optional)” field, type in an active promo code.
  5. Click ‘Play Now’.
  6. Your account has now been created, and the promo code has been applied to it.

Claim code after signing up

  1. Go to
  2. Click the profile icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Click ‘Settings’ in the drop-down menu.
  4. Go to ‘Offers’ on the left side under settings.
  5. In the “Code” field under “Welcome Offer”, type in an active promo code.
  6. Click ‘Submit’ on the right side.
  7. The promo code will now be applied to your account.

If you wish to use a promo code after you’ve joined up, you must do so within 24 hours of establishing your account.

Top 5 Expert Strategies To Maximize the bonus code

We want to assist you take advantage of the review bonus for US players by informing you about it and explaining what it entails. Our specialists have supplied you with the following top suggestions for making the most of this social casino offer:

  1. Log In Every Day
  2. Use your Gold Coins and Stake Cash as if they were actual money
  3. Use Social Media Channels
  4. Examine The Terms & Conditions
  5. Don’t Get Greedy!

Log In Every Day

The first and most crucial thing to realize is that this is not your typical online casino welcome bonus. 

Because is a social casino, you may get a free Stake Cash bonus every day by entering into your account. 

Even if you don’t have time to play the games on, it’s worth spending a few moments to log in to your account. 

Why not take advantage of the bonus that is offered to you every day?

Use your Gold Coins and Stake Cash as if they were actual money

As previously stated, the Gold Coins and Stake Cash that you may get using the promo code have no monetary worth.

This is true of all social casinos, and as a result, many players are less cautious than they would be if real money were at stake. However, we advise you to handle your virtual cash as if it were real money.

Winning more Gold Coins allows you to play for free for a longer period of time. Meanwhile, earning additional Stake Cash allows you to redeem rewards.

Use Social Media Channels

In addition to the daily login bonus, you may take advantage of a variety of additional promos. 

As previously said, we will go through all of these additional promotions in more depth later on. 

However, one piece of advice we can provide you is to follow on social media, such as Twitter

By doing so, you will discover a plethora of alternative methods to get free Stake Cash, such as competitions and giveaways.

Examine The Terms & Conditions

In this essay, we have covered the essentials of the bonus code and deals. 

However, complete information may be found in the site’s terms and conditions, which we always suggest reviewing. 

This will also show whether or not the different deals are available in your state. 

Bonus terms and conditions are subject to change at all social casinos, so double-check the information to ensure that you are completely informed.

Don’t Get Greedy!

The key benefit mentioned above does not need any actual money expenditure on your part. 

Furthermore, there is no such thing as a deposit bonus since you can never make a real money deposit at any social casino. 

You will, however, be able to acquire Gold Coins, and you may sometimes come across specially designated goods that provide a bonus. 

If the bonus package is more than you can afford, don’t break the bank to purchase it only to receive a bonus. in the US review was not accessible in the United States for a long time. However, with the launch of, users in the United States may now join up for and utilize as well.

Many websites provide a sign-up bonus if you use a code, and is no exception. While not all promo codes provide a bonus, we have found one that does.

We provide you with a deposit bonus, free cash, and so forth. That is not correct. There are no codes for We may provide you with more than a 5% Rakeback benefit. Some content providers have a mechanism in place where they, the content creator, pay you an amount as a tip after you’ve used their code to play for a set amount of your own money. This often results in you losing more money than you would earn from their one-time gratuity.

After using the aforementioned promo code, your account will have access to all additional VIP advantages, including the $1 daily free claim for a limited time. All VIP perks are available to all accounts, even those who did not utilize a sign-up promo code.

Rakeback is a bonus that returns a portion of the rake you pay. It is available from the VIP menu. offers additional incentives and loyalty programs

So far, we’ve only focused on the daily login bonus since it’s the greatest and simplest method to acquire free Stake Cash without using a promo code.

There are a few alternative methods for you to receive some free Stake Cash as an existing account holder and gamer. We’ve discussed the three primary methods below:

Postal Inquiry

Send a written postal request on a 6″x4″ blank postcard to Stake’s US address in Dallas, TX to get five free Stake Cash. You may only submit one mail request per day, and it must be stamped and sent from your home state.

Contests on Social Media Customer Service

Regular competitions and free Stake Cash giveaways are publicized on’ social media platforms. 

Posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will promote these contests and give information on how to enter to win free Stake Cash.

Purchase Packages with Special Markings

One of the best aspects about social casinos such as is that you may play their casino-style games for free. 

However, as previously said, you may buy Gold Coins bundles if you want to have more to better your overall experience.

When buying Gold Coin packages from, you may come across specifically designated bundles that include a free Stake Cash incentive.

Bonus intro – Daily login for free sweepstakes

There are a few promos to mention when it comes to receiving free Gold Coins and sweepstakes. The daily login bonus, through which you may obtain free Stake Cash merely by signing into your Stake, is the bread and butter.

We check in at least once a day. refers to its sweepstakes currency as “Stake Cash” (SC).

Reality check – Easy to claim and utilize

Claiming this offer could not be easier; just register a new account by filling out the sign-up form and submitting your information.

You may expedite the process by registering your account using your Facebook, Google, or Twitch account.

After you’ve made your account, you can collect your free Gold Coins and Stake Cash by simply signing in every day.

Withdrawal of bonuses is not possible at a social casino is a social casino, which means that no real money gaming occurs here. As a consequence, the bonus in question has no monetary value and cannot be withdrawn. You may, however, utilize your Stake Cash to redeem cash rewards such as gift cards and products.

Mistakes to avoid while collecting the bonus

The only thing you want to avoid here is failing to log into your account on a daily basis.

Even if you don’t have time or don’t want to play that day, it’s worth investing a few minutes to check up and receive your free daily bonus.

Daily login bonuses are quite frequent at US social casinos, and this one is just as nice. What we appreciate most about this game is that you earn free Gold Coins and Stake Cash.

Finally, this allows you to play games for free and win prizes using the sweepstakes concept used by the platform.


Is there a sign-up bonus?

Most gamers will seek some kind of inducement to join a new operator.

How can I obtain free sweepstakes from, like all other US social casinos, offers a variety of methods to earn free sweepstakes. Free sweeps are referred to as “Stake Cash” on, and you may also collect free Gold Coins.

What is the most recent coupon code?

On our website, you can discover the most recent promo codes and bonus information for and other US social casinos.

Who qualifies for the bonus?

In the United States, social casino incentives are more commonly accessible than real money gaming offers. All of the deals discussed in this article are available to those aged 21 and over in the great majority of US states. Having said that, there are a few outliers. The following US states do not have New York, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada.

Is a bonus code required to redeem this offer?

When you claim a normal deal on the site, you do not need to input a promo code. When obtaining our unique Rakeback offer, you must enter a code. To get your free Stake Cash via the main campaign, just log into your account at least once every day. All other promotions need you to simply satisfy the conditions in order to get your free Gold Coins and/or Stake Cash.

Is there any monetary value to the bonus?

There is never any real money gambling when you play at a social casino. You may play the games for Gold Coins, virtual money, or for Stake Cash sweepstakes prizes, which must always be free to enter. The bonus here is in the form of Gold Coins and Stake Cash, neither of which has any real-world monetary worth. You may exchange your Stake Cash for rewards such as gift cards and items.

Is there any kind of wagering requirement?

This is one of the many benefits of social casino bonuses. The bonus has no wagering requirement since it has no monetary value and can never be withdrawn. After you’ve claimed your free GC and SC and they’ve been put into your account, they’re yours to keep and use whenever you choose. To make things even better, none of the promos discussed in this post have a time restriction.

Do I have to make a purchase to take advantage of this offer?

There is no need to acquire Gold Coins in order to collect the daily login bonus. Furthermore, you may continue to play at for free without ever having to use your own money. However, you may buy Gold Coins packages from, and some packages come with a free Stake Cash bonus, as we describe below.