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9 Games Like Triangle Strategy

Explore 9 exciting games like Triangle Strategy ranging from the HD-2D style of “Live A Live” to the card-based strategy of “Floppy Knights.” Discover your next tactical JRPG adventure.

Triangle Strategy stands tall in the enthralling world of turn-based strategy JRPGs, having amassed a substantial fan base. This article recommends 9 uniquely engaging games to those captivated by Triangle Strategy.

The list encompasses both classical and contemporary games cutting across various platforms. Discover the first remake utilizing HD-2D style and immerse yourself in the sprawling narratives of “Octopath Traveler.” As a fan of Triangle Strategy, you’ll resonate with “Kaiju Wars” “Digimon Survive,” and enjoy the card-based strategic play of “Floppy Knights.”

Overview of Triangle Strategy

Turn-based strategy JRPG genre

Triangle Strategy is a game that falls under the turn-based strategy JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) genre. This means that it mainly focuses on tactical elements in gameplay, requiring players to strategize and plan their moves to progress.

It’s part of a larger gaming genre of Japanese-originated games known for their immersive storytelling and complex gameplay mechanics.

Popularity among players

The game has managed to gather a considerable fanbase. Its unique approach to storytelling fused with strategic gameplay, rich character development, and visually pleasing graphics are some of the elements that have contributed to its popularity.

The players’ decisions’ impact on the story’s development also adds an element of attraction, providing a personalized gaming experience.

Unique features and gameplay mechanics

Triangle Strategy features unique gameplay mechanics, including environmental manipulation and character-driven narratives. The actions you take throughout the game, both inside and outside of combat, will influence the storyline, providing a variety of outcomes.

This adds a level of replayability, as multiple playthroughs could result in different experiences and endings.

1. Live A Live

live a live

Remake using the HD-2D style

Live A Live is an intriguing game that is a remake using the HD-2D style. This style blends 2D character artwork with a 3D world environment, providing a distinctive visual experience that’s both nostalgic and modern.

Unique combat system

The game offers a unique combat system that adds depth to the gameplay. It features a variety of battle scenarios depending on the story chapter you’re in, each presenting challenges that require strategy and careful planning.

Eight separate chapters

Live A Live consists of eight separate chapters with various characters, each contributing to the richness and diversity of the story.

Platforms available

This game is available on various platforms, making it accessible to many players.

Similarities with Triangle Strategy

Like Triangle Strategy, Live A Live heavily emphasizes strategic gameplay and character-driven narratives. Both games feature multiple chapters that unravel distinct storylines based on the player’s decisions.

2. Octopath Traveler


Noted HD-2D JRPG

Octopath Traveler is another HD-2D JRPG well-known among gamers. It combines the best aspects of modern and retro JRPG designs, resulting in a unique gameplay experience.

Features eight different stories and characters

The game is notable for its branching storyline, which features eight different stories and characters. Each character has a unique backstory, abilities, and journey, adding depth to the gameplay and story.

Platforms the game is available on

Octopath Traveler is widely accessible – it’s available on various platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile platforms.

Comparison with Triangle Strategy

Regarding comparisons to Triangle Strategy, both games share the HD-2D graphic styling and have multiple character-driven narratives. Both games’ strategic gameplay elements and character development create a similar overall gaming experience.

3. Kaiju Wars

kaiju wars

Indie strategy RPG

In the realm of indie games, Kaiju Wars has created a unique niche for itself as a strategy RPG. Players get to experience the thrill of controlling a military force to defend against giant monsters.

Players control a military force against giant monsters

The game’s premise revolves around warfare against colossal creatures, bringing an interesting dynamic to the strategic gameplay mechanics.

Available Platforms

Kaiju Wars can be played on various platforms, which adds to its accessibility.

Resemblances with Triangle Strategy game mechanics

Kaiju Wars shares resemblances with Triangle Strategy in the core gameplay mechanics where decision-making and strategic planning significantly affect the gameplay outcome.

4. Digimon Survive

digimon survive

Grid-based strategy JRPG genre

Digimon Survive is a unique mix of the grid-based strategy JRPG genre and a visual novel. It takes the strategic elements of JRPGs and fuses them with the narrative depth of visual novels.

Combination with visual novel

The game beautifully integrates the two genres by utilizing strategy gameplay mechanics for battles and a visual novel-style narrative for the story progression.

Eight main characters sent to the Digital World

In this game, you follow the journey of eight main characters who are thrown into the Digital World. Throughout their journey, they encounter various Digimon and face challenges that require strategy and tactical decision-making to overcome.

Platforms it can be played on

Digimon Survive can be played on multiple platforms, making it a great choice for players of different gaming preferences.

Similarities with Triangle Strategy

Digimon Survive and Triangle Strategy incorporate strategic gameplay mechanics into a beautifully narrated storyline, with player decisions significantly affecting the game’s outcome.

5. Floppy Knights

floppy knights

Indie card-based strategy RPG

Floppy Knights is a unique indie card-based strategy RPG. This game stands out with its innovative approach, utilizing cards for battles and holographic projections within its narrative.

Features holographic projections known as Floppy Knights

The game incorporates innovative holographic projections known as Floppy Knights, which adds a unique twist to the strategy gameplay.

Available platforms

Floppy Knights are available on multiple platforms, making it a versatile option for gamers.

Comparison with Triangle Strategy game mechanics

Despite the distinct difference in card mechanics, Floppy Knights share similarities with Triangle Strategy in strategic gameplay and the integration of unique game mechanics that add depth and complexity to the gaming experience.

6. Fire Emblem Three Houses

First-party Nintendo Switch exclusive

Fire Emblem Three Houses is a high-profile game with a first-party Nintendo Switch exclusive. It offers a fantastic strategy JRPG gameplay experience exclusive to the Nintendo community.

Strategy JRPG gameplay

The game utilizes strategic gameplay mechanics that require careful planning and tactical decision-making. It’s a brilliant blend of rich narrative, character development, and strategic elements.

Platforms where it’s available

As a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Fire Emblem Three Houses can only be played on this platform.

How it aligns with Triangle Strategy

Fire Emblem Three Houses and Triangle Strategy are strategy JRPGs that integrate strategic gameplay into rich narratives. They require players to make decisions that significantly affect gameplay outcomes.

7. Into The Breach

into the breach

Turn-based mech strategy game

Into The Breach is a turn-based mech strategy game creating a fantastic fusion of strategy and sci-fi. It draws inspiration from the explosive action seen in Pacific Rim and Man of Steel for its gameplay mechanics.

Inspired by Pacific Rim and Man of Steel

The inspiration from such popular films translates into thrilling battles and confrontations in the game, providing an exciting experience for the players.

Platforms the game can be played on

Into The Breach is available on various platforms, allowing a wide range of accessibility for strategy game enthusiasts.

Similarities to Triangle Strategy in terms of gameplay

Into The Breach shares similarities with Triangle Strategy regarding gameplay, as they revolve around turn-based strategy elements. Both games require players to plan, strategize, and make crucial decisions during gameplay.

8. Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark

fell seal

Inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics

Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark is a game that wears its inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics on its sleeves. It features an in-depth class system that adds complexity to its strategic gameplay.

In-depth class system

The class system adds a unique, immersive layer to the battle mechanics, where the arrangement and the class of characters impact the overall performance in battles.

Platforms where it’s available

This game can be played across multiple platforms, increasing its reach among strategy JRPG fans.

Comparison with Triangle Strategy

Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark and Triangle Strategy incorporate strategic gameplay mechanics in a story-rich environment. The decisions made during gameplay affect combat outcomes and narrative progression in both games.

9. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions

final fantasy tactics

Enhanced version of the original Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions is an enhanced version of the original Final Fantasy Tactics game from 1997. The game maintains the turn-based battles of the original but with improved graphics and additional content.

Turn-based battle system

The game utilizes a turn-based battle system, giving players time to think their actions through and develop the most effective strategies.

Available for iOS and Android

This game can be played on iOS and Android devices, allowing strategy JRPG fans to game on the go.

Similarities with Triangle Strategy game mechanics

Like Triangle Strategy, The War Of The Lions involves strategic gameplay where player actions and decisions significantly impact the gameplay’s outcomes. Both games pose strategic challenges that engage the players mentally and emotionally via immersive narratives.

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