All Until Dawn Playable Characters

Discover all the playable characters in the interactive survival horror game Until Dawn. From brave Sam to quick-witted Mike, each character brings unique strengths and weaknesses. Navigate the chilling narrative and make life or death decisions as captivating protagonists.

This article will look at all the playable characters in the popular interactive survival horror video game Until Dawn. From the brave and resourceful Sam to the cunning and quick-witted Mike, each character brings unique strengths and weaknesses to the story.

Whether you’re a fan of horror games or simply curious about the diverse range of personalities you can control, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the chilling narrative of Until Dawn through the eyes of its captivating protagonists. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey full of twists and turns, where every decision you make could mean life or death for these memorable characters.

All Until Dawn Playable Characters

Until Dawn is a highly popular interactive horror game that places players in the midst of a creepy and suspenseful story. Throughout the game, players get to control various characters, each with their own unique personalities, appearances, and roles in the game. From the protagonists who aim to survive the night to the antagonists who bring terror and chaos and the supporting characters who add depth to the narrative, let’s explore all of the playable characters in Until Dawn.


The protagonists in Until Dawn are the main characters that players control and guide through the terrifying events of the game. These characters include Sam, Mike, Ashley, Chris, Emily, Jessica, Matt, and Josh. Each of them has distinct qualities that contribute to the overall gameplay experience.

CharacterVoice Actor
SamHayden Panettiere
MikeBrett Dalton
JoshRami Malek
EmilyNichole Bloom
ChrisNoah Fleiss
MattJordan Fisher
JessicaMeaghan Martin
AshleyGaladriel Stineman
Josh (Young)Dalton E. Gray
HannahElla Lentini
BethNiki Rubin

Hayden Panettiere As Sam Giddings

until dawn Sam character

Sam is a young woman with a strong sense of determination and resourcefulness. She is portrayed by Hayden Panettiere and is known for her stunning appearance. Sam stands out amongst the other characters with her long, blonde hair and expressive brown eyes. As a protagonist, she plays a crucial role in the game’s storyline and has the potential to impact the final outcome.

In terms of personality, Sam is compassionate and intelligent, often taking charge and making decisions that prioritize the safety of her friends. Alongside her bravery, Sam also possesses a kind and caring nature, always looking out for the well-being of others. Her loyalty and level-headedness make her a reliable character in the face of danger.

Throughout Until Dawn, Sam finds herself in several dangerous situations, requiring players to make critical choices on her behalf. The decisions players make for Sam can significantly impact her survival and the game’s overall progression. With her role as one of the lead protagonists, Sam is undeniably an essential and memorable character in Until Dawn.

Brett Dalton As Mike Munroe

until dawn Mike character

Mike, portrayed by Brett Dalton, is a strong and charismatic character within Until Dawn. He’s certainly eye-catching with his rugged good looks, trimmed beard, and muscular build. Mike’s appearance is complemented by his confident personality, making him a memorable protagonist.

Unlike some of the other characters, Mike is known for his assertiveness and willingness to take charge. His bravery often puts him in dangerous situations, yet he manages to prevail due to his resourcefulness and quick thinking. Despite his tough exterior, Mike also exhibits loyalty and a sense of moral responsibility towards his friends.

As a player controlling Mike, the choices made on his behalf can be vital to his survival. His story arc is filled with suspense and thrilling moments, making him a compelling protagonist in the game. With his leadership skills, determination, and unique charm, Mike is an integral part of Until Dawn’s immersive experience.

Galadriel Stineman As Ashley Brown

until dawn Ashley character

Ashley, portrayed by Galadriel Stineman, stands out with her sweet and innocent appearance. She has soft brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a gentle smile. Ashley’s personality complements her appearance, as she is known for her compassionate nature and sensitivity towards others.

While Ashley may not possess the physical strength or assertiveness of some of the other characters, her role in Until Dawn is significant, nevertheless. She supports her friends emotionally and often serves as a voice of reason when tensions rise within the group. Her intelligence and perceptiveness make her a valuable asset in the game.

As players guide Ashley through the game, their choices can have significant consequences for her and those around her. The decisions made for Ashley can affect her relationships with other characters and even her survival. With her caring nature and level-headedness, Ashley brings a unique perspective to the game that players will undoubtedly appreciate.

Noah Fleiss As Chris Hartley

until dawn Chris character

Chris, portrayed by Noah Fleiss, is a lovable character in Until Dawn known for his wit and humor. In terms of appearance, Chris has short brown hair, expressive green eyes, and a warm smile. He possesses a boy-next-door charm that makes players instantly connect with him.

His friendly and loyal disposition marks Chris’s personality. He often brings comic relief to tense situations, lightening the mood and providing a welcoming presence amongst the group. Despite his humorous nature, Chris also demonstrates excellent bravery and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his friends.

As players control Chris, their decisions can significantly impact his relationships with other characters and influence the game’s direction. With his humor, loyalty, and courage, Chris adds depth to the Until Dawn experience, making him a beloved protagonist in the game.

Rami Malek As Josh Washington

until dawn Josh character

Josh Washington plays a significant role. He is Hannah and Beth’s elder brother, and his absence in the game sets in motion the events of the plot.

Josh is characterized as an outlandish man who enjoys pulling elaborate pranks on his friends and family. In reality, he has not yet recovered from the tragedy of his sisters’ disappearance and is trying to find closure by inviting their friends back to the mountain.

Rami Malek is the voice actor that gave life to Josh. Emmy-winning actor Rami Malek is widely recognized for his portrayals of Freddie Mercury in the film Bohemian Rhapsody and Elliot Alderson in the television series Mr. Robot.

The complexity and variety of Malek’s portrayal as Josh in Until Dawn earned him widespread recognition. He was able to portray the nuanced essence of Josh’s personality, including his fun side and more profound sorrow and suffering.

Josh came to life on screen because of Malek’s performance and the game’s cutting-edge motion capture technology. This added to the overall success of Until Dawn by making the character more believable and evocative.

Meaghan Martin As Jessica Riley

until dawn Jessica character

Jessica Riley plays a significant role. She is described as a self-assured, well-liked, and even flirty teenager. Jessica’s bold character and unwavering determination have earned her a reputation for always saying what has to be said.

Jessica’s character grows more complex throughout the game, showing both fragility and strength. She has to persevere through many terrifying situations that put her resolve to the test. Despite her easygoing demeanor, Jessica demonstrates resilience and ingenuity when pressured.

Meaghan Martin provides Jessica’s voice acting. Martin is famous for her appearances in films like Camp Rock and Mean Girls 2 and is an American actress and singer. Her performance as Jessica in Until Dawn was lauded for its realism and ability to convey the character’s thoughts and feelings.

Martin’s vocal delivery gives Jessica depth and charisma by capturing her self-assured and sometimes sarcastic personality. She expertly captures Jessica’s alternating periods of weakness and power, deepening the player’s investment in the game and the character’s arc.

Nichole Bloom As Emily Davis

until dawn Emily character

Emily Davis is an additional important character in Until Dawn. She is portrayed as an assertive, ambitious, and sometimes self-centered young woman. Emily’s personality is characterized by her strong will and tendency to speak her mind, even if it means being aggressive or abrasive toward others.

Emily’s character is layered with complexity throughout the game, demonstrating her determination to endure and her resilience in the face of peril. While her behavior may initially alienate some of her peers, Emily’s survival instincts and resourcefulness are tested as the story unfolds.

Nichole Bloom is the voice actor who brings Emily to life. Bloom is noted for her portrayal of Cheyenne in the television series Superstore. Her portrayal of Emily in Until Dawn was praised for its realism and ability to capture the character’s assertive and, at times, abrasive demeanor.

Bloom’s voice acting effectively conveys Emily’s sharp-tongued and self-assured personality, augmenting the player’s investment in the character. She expertly portrays the character’s emotional range, from her tough exterior to her moments of vulnerability, lending depth and nuance to Emily’s voyage throughout the game.

Jordan Fisher As Matt Taylor

until dawn matt character

Matt Taylor is one of the protagonists. Emily’s boyfriend is portrayed as a compassionate and loyal young man who is profoundly in love with her. Matt’s character is well-known for his level-headedness and frequently serves as the group’s voice of reason.

His grit and determination shape Matt’s character as he navigates the dangerous situations they encounter throughout the game. Even if it means placing himself in dangerous situations, he demonstrates his devotion to his friends and determination to locate his fiancée.

Jordan Fisher is the voice actor who brings Matt to life. Fisher is an American actor, vocalist, and dancer widely recognized for his performances in numerous films and television series. His portrayal of Matt in Until Dawn was praised for portraying the character’s compassionate and courageous nature with authenticity.

Fisher’s voice acting effectively conveys Matt’s genuine concern and resolve, providing players with an immersive experience. From moments of tenderness to resiliency, he expertly conveys the character’s emotional depth, augmenting the player’s engagement with the game and the character’s journey.

Matt Taylor is a significant character in Until Dawn, and Jordan Fisher’s exceptional voice acting contributes to the character’s authenticity and impact within the game.

Ella Lentini As Hannah and Beth

until dawn hannah beth character

Hannah and Beth are two of the most essential characters in Until Dawn. They are identical twin sisters who vanish in the game’s introductory sequence, setting the stage for the unfolding mystery and terror. Hannah is portrayed as a thoughtful and introspective young woman, whereas Beth is portrayed as the more responsible and compassionate sibling.

The characters of Hannah and Beth are developed through flashbacks that illuminate their personalities and relationships with other characters. The main plot is set in motion by their disappearance, as their companions return to the exact location one year later to discover the truth about what transpired on that fateful night.

Ella Lentini is the voice actor who brings Hannah and Beth to life. Lentini’s voice acting conveys the emotional range of the characters effectively, from their youthful exuberance in the flashbacks to their vulnerability and dread as the plot develops.

As the game progresses, Lentini’s performances contribute to the player’s emotional investment in the characters as their destinies and the surrounding enigma unfold. Her portrayal of Hannah and Beth adds depth and resonance to their characters, making them memorable and likable figures.

In conclusion, Hannah and Beth Washington play essential roles in Until Dawn, and Ella Lentini’s voice-acting abilities enhance the game’s authenticity and impact.

Blackwood Pines Sanatorium Staff

Apart from the main protagonists and antagonists, Until Dawn features supporting characters who play essential roles in shaping the narrative, one group of supporting characters is the Blackwood Pines Sanatorium staff, who provide crucial information and background on the game’s terrifying creatures, the Wendigos.


The Blackwood Pines Sanatorium staff appears through various found documents and recordings within the game. Their appearances are limited to the game’s historical context, as the sanatorium plays a significant role in the backstory of the Until Dawn universe.

Role in the Game

The Blackwood Pines Sanatorium staff serves as a source of information and exposition for players, shedding light on the origins and nature of the Wendigos. Through their recorded interviews and research documents, players gain insight into the horrifying creatures they encounter throughout the game.

Research on Wendigos

The research conducted by the Blackwood Pines Sanatorium staff delves into the mysterious origins and mythology surrounding the Wendigos. Their findings explain that these creatures result from cannibalism, greedily consuming human flesh, transforming ordinary humans into monstrous beings with insatiable appetites.

This information plays a crucial role in the game, as players must understand the Wendigos to navigate the dangerous situations they find themselves in. The research provides vital clues and hints that guide players toward surviving the night.

Overall, the Blackwood Pines Sanatorium staff provides players with valuable insight into the terrifying world of Until Dawn. Their research and documentation contribute to the game’s immersive narrative, deepening the sense of fear and suspense throughout the player’s journey.

Final Words

In conclusion, Until Dawn offers players the unique opportunity to step into the shoes of various characters and navigate through a thrilling and terrifying storyline. From the brave and resourceful protagonists like Sam, Mike, Ashley, and Chris to the disturbing antagonists like Hannah, Beth, the Psycho, and the Wendigos, each character brings a distinctive experience to the game.

The supporting characters, such as the Blackwood Pines Sanatorium staff, add depth to the narrative, providing essential information and context. With its captivating gameplay and fleshed-out characters, Until Dawn promises an unforgettable interactive horror experience. So gather your courage and immerse yourself in the chilling world of Until Dawn – where every decision you make can mean the difference between life and death.

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