Bloodborne 2 Release Date News: Everything You Need To Know

Are you eagerly waiting for the release of Bloodborne 2? FromSoftware, the renowned Japanese studio behind the cult classic gothic horror game, has captivated players with its unique dark aesthetic an…

Are you eagerly waiting for the release of Bloodborne 2? FromSoftware, the renowned Japanese studio behind the cult classic gothic horror game, has captivated players with its unique dark aesthetic and fast-paced combat.

While the studio has been busy with other projects, such as the upcoming Armored Core VI launch and Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, fans are still hopeful for a sequel. However, the director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has expressed a preference for creating original worlds rather than sequels. Nonetheless, with the demand for Bloodborne 2 growing, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Although a release date has yet to be announced, keep your fingers crossed for an exciting announcement in the future.

Is FromSoftware Making Bloodborne 2?


No, Bloodborne 2 isn’t officially in the works. FromSoftware hasn’t made public whether a sequel is in development. The studio has got so much on its plate right now with the Armored Core VI launch coming up in August 2023, followed by the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, so it’s unlikely that you’ll see a Bloodborne revival happening any time soon. Armored Core VI and Elden Ring’s DLC are FromSoftware’s latest endeavors, and it’ll be a while before they have their hands free again.

What happens afterwards is a little tricky. FromSoftware’s director, the legendary Hidetaka Miyazaki, isn’t a big fan of sequels. Following the release of Dark Souls 3, he stated in an interview that he’d rather make original worlds, and that’s why for him, “Dark Souls III is the end”. Now it’s easy to see why FromSoftware made two brand new IPs as Sekiro and Elden Ring rather than developing Bloodborne 2 or continuing their already successful series.

We’ll Likely Return To Yharnam Before Dark Souls

Dark Souls 4 seems to be out of the picture for now. Miyazaki does incline towards new IPs, however, I don’t think that will always be the case. Sekiro, Elden Ring, and Bloodborne have all been hailed as masterpieces, and sooner or later, there should be a sequel to one of these if nothing else.

I’d say Bloodborne 2 is next since the franchise has been dormant the longest. However, if it ends up being Sekiro 2 or Elden Ring 2, then I wouldn’t be surprised as the demand for all three is crazy, but no harm in keeping your fingers crossed.

When’s Bloodborne 2 Releasing?

Unfortunately, Bloodborne 2 does not have a release date. The game hasn’t been announced yet, and given that FromSoftware is busy pursuing other projects, don’t expect it to launch in the near future.

Despite the underwhelming news, that in no way indicates Bloodborne 2 will never happen. FromSoftware always has three to four games in the pipeline at all times. Even before the reveal of Sekiro, Armored Core VI, and Elden Ring, Miyazaki had mentioned that the studio had many games it was working on. And today while From’s busy with the Elden Ring DLC and Armored Core VI, it’s still safe to assume that they have at least another two full-scale games in production.

Whether they are original IPs, Bloodborne 2, or Sekiro 2 for that matter I can’t say for sure, but judging from the studio’s history, their next AAA game should be out by 2026. Expect an announcement entailing the reveal to happen by Fall 2024, so at the earliest, that’s when you could hear about Bloodborne 2.

Bloodborne 2 Platforms


Bloodborne 2 is likely going to be a PS5 exclusive. There’s virtually no way around it. Bloodborne was an exclusive for the PS4, so I can’t imagine a sequel being made without PlayStation having exclusivity over it too.

Gamers worldwide are petitioning FromSoftware for a Bloodborne PC port or remaster, this has been the case for many, many years. There’s a high chance that something like this will happen soon enough, and that’s the closest I see Bloodborne playing on anything but a PlayStation.

Also keeping PlayStation’s clever marketing strategies in mind, they might commission FromSoftware to release a Bloodborne port or remaster first, perhaps before 2025, and then announce that Bloodborne 2 is in the works exclusively for the PS5 to drive sales for their console. It’s the same strategy they did with God of War Ragnarök — call it paranoia if you will but it’s worth considering.

On the flip side, you can never really know when Xbox or PlayStation make an acquisition, but whenever they do, the gaming industry changes heavily. FromSoftware may fall victim to a power play, and subsequently, all their games might be exclusives, albeit I doubt this coming true.

The Future of FromSoftware Games


FromSoftware has established itself as a leading developer of challenging, atmospheric games with a dedicated fan base. The success of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro has solidified their reputation in the industry. While the release date and platforms for Bloodborne 2 remain uncertain, we can speculate on FromSoftware’s future projects and the potential impact of their recent acquisitions.

Based on their previous releases, we can expect FromSoftware’s next AAA game to be out by 2026. The studio is known for taking their time with development and delivering high-quality experiences, so fans can look forward to another immersive and challenging adventure in the coming years. Whether it’s a new IP or a sequel to one of their existing franchises, we can trust that FromSoftware will continue to push the boundaries of gameplay and storytelling.

In terms of exclusivity, the gaming industry is constantly evolving, and acquisitions often play a significant role in shaping these exclusive deals. While it’s unlikely that FromSoftware’s games will become exclusive to a single platform, we can’t discount the possibility of future partnerships or acquisitions that may affect their releases.

However, given the studio’s strong relationships with Sony and PlayStation’s marketing strategies, it’s safe to say that Bloodborne 2 will likely remain a PlayStation exclusive, with the potential for a PC port or remaster down the line.

Overall, FromSoftware fans can look forward to exciting developments in the coming years. While Bloodborne 2 may still be a mystery, the studio’s track record and dedication to creating unique and captivating experiences ensure that their future projects will be worth the wait.

So, keep an eye out for announcements and be prepared to return to the haunting world of Yharnam or embark on a whole new adventure created by the talented minds at FromSoftware.

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