Fallout Shelter Cheats & Hacks: The Ultimate Guide to Vault Dominance

When Fallout Shelter was released in 2015, it was met with skepticism. Fans were wary of a free-to-play mobile game carrying the legacy of their beloved franchise.

However, against all odds, Fallout Shelter not only survived the turbulence of Fallout 76 but also carved a niche for itself.

Unlike Fallout 76, this game is a unique blend of management sim where players don the hat of the Overseer, managing their very own underground vault.

The World of Fallout Shelter Simulation

Managing a vault in Fallout Shelter can be as time-consuming as managing real-life tasks. The game’s free-to-play model comes with its own set of challenges, including real-time timers that make you wait for hours and a plethora of micro-transactions.

At moments, it feels like the game is nudging you towards a pay-to-win model. But fear not, whether you’re a newbie or a returning pro, we’ve got you covered with the best cheats and tips to ensure you get the most out of your game without emptying your pockets.

Mastering Cheats in Fallout Shelter: A Comprehensive Guide

Two Main Ways to Boost Your Game

The two main ways to boost your game in Fallout Shelter are by utilizing exploits, which are in-game loopholes that players can leverage, and by employing third-party software, which are external programs or apps designed to modify the game.

Exploits: Techniques Within the Game’s Framework

Exploits refer to in-game loopholes that players can leverage to their advantage. These are often unintended features or bugs that haven’t been addressed by the game developers. By utilizing these exploits, players can gain an edge in their gameplay without resorting to external tools. For instance:

1.Time Lapse:

  • Description: This exploit allows players to manipulate the actual time on their device, effectively fast-forwarding in-game processes.
  • Benefits: By adjusting the device’s time settings, players can swiftly complete tasks, level dwellers, and speed up time dweller activities. This is especially useful when you’re eager to progress without the wait.
  • How to Use: Navigate to your device’s date and time settings. Disable the auto option and manually set the time forward. Once done, return to the game to see tasks sped up.

2. Free Rock Removal:

  • Description: As you expand your underground vault, rocks can become a hindrance. This exploit allows for strategic vault expansion without the usual costs.
  • Benefits: Save on caps and efficiently use your vault space. This method ensures game stability while optimizing your dwelling space.
  • How to Use: When planning a new room or building type, place it where rocks are. The game will remove the rocks without charging you.

3. Unlimited Lunchboxes:

  • Description: Lunchboxes are treasure troves of random dwellers, epic loot, and essential resources. This exploit ensures a steady supply.
  • Benefits: Acquire legendary items, special attribute boosts, and even rare baby dwellers. It’s particularly beneficial for newcomers or those looking to rapidly expand their vault entrance with armed dwellers.
  • How to Use: Focus on completing the aforementioned objectives that reward lunchboxes. Combine this with the time lapse exploit for faster results.

Third-Party Software: External Enhancements

1. Tweaking Your Save File:

This strategy allows you to equip a single dweller with specific items, modify high-level dwellers’ attributes, and even get a rush on acquiring loot. The beauty of this method is its compatibility with mobile versions, making it a gem for Android users.

  • Benefits: Equip 1 dweller or all of them with legendary items, adjust dweller stats, or even get an unlimited supply of Nuka Cola. This method is like having a direct cheat engine for the game.
  • How to Use: Locate your game’s save file on your device. Use third-party software or online platforms to edit the file. Once done, replace the original file and restart the game.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Visit the provided link.
  • Upload your save file.
  • If you’re unsure where your save file is, here are some locations:
    • PC/Launcher: Documents\My Games\Fallout Shelter
    • Windows 10 store version: [Click here]
    • Steam: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\FalloutShelter
    • Android: storage/sdcard/Android/data/com.bethsoft.falloutshelter/files
  • Use the website’s tool to customize your game, from max stats to loot acquisition.
  • Replace your original save file with the modified one.
  • Restart the game, and you’re all set!

Cheat Trainers

These are third-party apps filled with cheat codes. From maxing out food and water to ensuring max happiness for your dwellers, cheat trainers offer a plethora of options.

  • Benefits: From ensuring max happiness for every single dweller to maxing out resources like food, water, and power, cheat trainers offer a plethora of options. They can also help avoid rush failure, ensure max stats for dwellers, and even spawning dweller boosts.
  • How to Use: Download a trusted cheat trainer app. Once installed, run Fallout Shelter through the app and activate the desired cheats. Some popular options include Plitch and WeMod.

The Ethical Dilemma

While cheats can offer a shortcut, they also pose a moral question. Is it fair to use third-party hack software or exploits? Moreover, there’s always the risk of game stability issues or potential bans.

WeMod Features:

  • Unlimited health, Max Electricity, Max Food, Max Water, and more.
  • Toggle cheats on/off within the app, eliminating the need for actual codes.

Plitch Features:

  • Traditional cheat activation using key combinations.
  • Offers a range of cheats, from “Equip 1 Dweller” to “No rush failure.”

While WeMod offers an all-or-nothing approach, Plitch allows for a more tailored experience, ensuring game stability and keeping the fun intact.

The Caps Conundrum

Caps are the primary currency in “Fallout Shelter.” Here’s how to earn them without resorting to cheats:

  • Complete Objectives: Click on the radio icon, check your current objectives, and start ticking them off. Some even reward you with epic items or Nuka-Cola Quantum.
  • Sell Unwanted Items: Access item storage and sell off loot items that are no longer needed.
  • Mysterious Stranger: This elusive figure from the core games can grant you a significant number of caps if you spot him in time.

Lunchboxes: The Slot Machine of Fallout Shelter

Lunchboxes in Fallout Shelter are akin to spinning a slot machine in a casino. They offer random rewards, and the anticipation is palpable. But remember, while they can be bought with real money, they can also be earned through gameplay.

Conclusion: To Cheat or Not to Cheat?

While Fallout Shelter offers various cheats, it’s essential to remember the game’s core essence. It’s about managing your underground vault, ensuring your dwellers are happy, and facing challenges head-on. Cheats can offer a shortcut, but the real joy lies in playing the game as Bethesda Game Studios intended.


Can I use cheats on both PC and mobile versions of Fallout Shelter?

While some cheats, like editing the save file, work on both platforms, others, especially certain third-party apps, might be platform-specific.

Are there any risks associated with using third-party hack software?

Yes, there’s always a risk of malware, game stability issues, or potential bans.

What are the alternatives to cheating if I want to progress faster?

Focus on completing objectives, leveling up your dwellers, and managing resources efficiently. Also, keep an eye out for the Mysterious Stranger!

Is there a way to get legendary dwellers without cheats?

Absolutely! Legendary dwellers can be found in lunchboxes or by successfully rushing rooms.

How can I ensure max happiness for my dwellers?

Assign dwellers to their preferred jobs, ensure there’s enough food, water, and power, and keep the vault safe from threats.

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