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9 Games Like Peglin

Explore the strategic depth and randomized dynamics of games similar to Peglin. This article lists alternatives that offer similar thrill as the indie roguelike turn-based RPG, Peglin.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast who enjoys the strategic depth and randomized dynamics of Peglin, then this article is for you. Penguin, an indie roguelike turn-based RPG, provides an engrossing experience where you take action by shooting orbs and destroying pegs. Its captivating blend of randomness, optimization, and satisfying gameplay makes it an easy favorite. But did you know other games can offer a similar thrill?

In this write-up, we focus on 9 alternative games that share similar gameplay mechanics with Peglin, giving you many options to extend your gaming adventures. Prepare to discover new realms of strategic missions, insurmountable challenges, surprising power-ups, and unforgettable journeys across different platforms.

Exploring Peglin

Overview of Peglin

Peglin is an indie turn-based RPG (Role Playing Game) with an original twist: your actions are determined by shooting orbs and busting pegs. The concept might sound simple, but it’s a game that’s incredibly easy to become engrossed in. Each orb you fling dictates your moves, and the number of pegs you destroy influences the power of those moves.

As a roguelike game, Peglin encompasses randomness, min-maxing, and an undeniable satisfaction from breaking pegs, making every gaming session unique and unpredictable.

Unique features of Peglin

Peglin stands out from its roguelike peers through its unique mechanic of using orbs and pegs to determine players’ actions. The dynamic allows for different strategies each time you play, positively affecting the player’s engagement and immersion. This RPG transforms a typical turn-based battle into a delightful blend of calculated strategy and a hint of luck.

Popularity and reception of Peglin

Peglin has gained popularity among indie game enthusiasts because of its unique combination of elements from roguelikes with the thrill of busting pegs. Players have praised the game’s easy-to-learn design but hard-to-master gameplay. Despite its simplicity in execution, Peglin offers a deep strategy layer, engaging the player’s cunning and adaptability, contributing to its positive reception.

1. Peggle Series


Release date and publisher

The Peggle Series, published by PopCap Games, began its journey in 2007. Since then, it’s held up against modern titles due to its simple yet addictive gameplay.

Game storyline and genre

Like Peglin, your task in the Peggle games is to beat stages by destroying all the key pegs. You also gain power-ups that change your ball’s behavior, creating a dynamic and unpredictable game environment.

Platforms available

The Peggle series is available on various platforms, including PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. It offers accessibility and ease, allowing players to play anytime, anywhere.

How it mirrors Peglin

The Peggle series pioneered a formula that Peglin has benefited from. While the Peggle games lack the roguelike or item-gathering elements of Peglin, both involve shooting balls at pegs. Similarly, your ball’s behavior can change, adding a layer of complexity and strategy that closely mirrors Peglin’s gameplay.

2. Roundguard


Publication date and developer

Roundguard, developed by Wonderbelly Games, was published on March 13, 2020. Like Peglin, this roguelike game employs the mechanic of launching orbs to defeat enemies.

Aspects of the game

Roundguard uniquely personifies the orb being launched – it’s you! It also controls your orb’s trajectory and behavior, firing off attacks against the enemies, who are pegs themselves. Here, strategy and physics play a significant role.

The platforms you can play on

Roundguard can play on major platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and iOS.

Similarities to Peglin

Although different storylines and game dynamics differ, RoundGuard and Peglin share the core concept of beating levels via peg-busting with orbs. They mix typical roguelike randomness with strategy, giving players a challenging yet enjoyable experience.

3. Pachillinko

pachillin ko

Launch time and proprietor

Pachillinko, released by indie developer GentleCatStudio, was conceived as a game of pure relaxation. It goes back to the basics, emphasizing balls moving primarily downwards.

The gameplay and genre

Pachillinko is an idler game with a twist. It takes inspiration from Pachinko, the classic Japanese arcade game. You play either Pachinko or Plinko, earning money to buy more balls and upgrade your equipment.

Platforms that can be accessed

Pachillinko is available to play on Windows and macOS platforms.

Likeness to Peglin

While Pachillinko doesn’t possess the strategic gameplay of Peglin, it shares the core concept of peg-busting. This makes for an alternative gaming experience with the same satisfying feeling that Peglin offers.

4. Rollers Of the Realm

rollers of the realm

Time of launch and company

Rollers of the Realm was launched in November 2014 by Phantom Compass. The game blends the excitement of pinball with the strategic challenges of RPGs.

Exploration of the game

The game allows you to control several uniquely skilled individuals within a mystical medieval era. Each stage requires the use of precise flipper work and the unique skills of your team members to advance.

Available game platforms

Rollers of the Realm is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC.

Comparison with Peglin

Although not an exact match, Rollers Of The Realm mirrors Peglin’s focus on physics-based gameplay and strategic thought. Both games also incorporate RPG elements, blending genres to create a unique gaming experience.

5. Backpack Hero

backpack hero

Publishing date and the owner

Backpack Hero, a roguelike turn-based RPG, was developed and published by Torchbearer.

Genre and plot of the game

In this game, items are your power source since they’re your means of attacking, defending, and surviving. The game is essentially an inventory management simulator, with the main challenge being to arrange items in the titular backpack for maximum advantage.

Platforms to play the game

Backpack Hero can be played on Windows and macOS platforms, available in popular online gaming stores.

How it compares to Peglin

Though Backpack Hero doesn’t involve orb-flinging or peg-busting like Peglin, both games share roguelike turn-based RPG mechanics, emphasizing items as power sources. This closeness in genre and mechanics makes Backpack Hero a similar experience to Peglin.

6. Ritual: Sorcerer Angel


Release time and proprietor

Ritual: Sorcerer Angel, developed by Hexage, was launched in June 2019.

The game features and type

In this game, you run around a room of enemies and eliminate them. The game allows you to be a pinball-like sorcerer, running into objects, bouncing off them, and flinging spells to create chaos and damage.

Platforms it can be reached

Ritual: Sorcerer Angel is accessible on Windows, macOS, and Android devices, allowing players to indulge in magical chaos across different platforms.

Relation to Peglin

Ritual: Sorcerer Angel, like Peglin, encourages strategic thinking and improvisation. The action-packed gameplay provides exciting, unpredictable encounters, making it a thrilling option for players who enjoy the strategic gameplay offered by Peglin.

7. Slay the Spire

slay the spire

Release details and publisher

Slay the Spire, published by Humble Bundle and developed by MegaCrit, hit the gaming world in January 2019.

What the game entails

In Slay the Spire, players ascend a spire, fighting through a series of enemies while collecting cards to enhance their deck. The game combines roguelike gameplay elements with deck-building card games, offering strategic and robust gameplay.

Available game platforms

Slay the Spire can be played on Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and iOS.

Similarities with Peglin

Both Slay the Spire and Peglin combine roguelike gameplay elements with strategic decision-making. They call for players to build a unique combination of moves to overcome different situations, making Slay a great alternative for Peglin fans.

8. DungeonTop

dungeon top

Launch history and developer

DungeonTop, developed by One Up Plus, was released in January 2021. It’s a fresh take on the roguelike genre combined with strategic deck-building.

Overview of the game

The game invites players to traverse various dungeons while battling diverse enemies. Players construct their deck of cards, which determines their actions and abilities during battles.

Platforms it’s accessible on

DungeonTop is available to play on Windows, providing an adventurous and strategic gaming experience right on your computer screen.

Comparison to Peglin

DungeonTop shares similar elements with Peglin, such as roguelike features and the need for strategic play. The main difference is the use of cards versus orbs and pegs, but the overall challenge and strategy aspect closely mirror that of Peglin.

9. Grindstone


Launch time and owner

Developed and published by Capybara Games, Grindstone was released in September 2019.

Exploration of the game

In Grindstone, you eliminate waves of creeps while tackling puzzles. Players must strategize their moves to conquer mobs and diverse levels.

Platforms for playing

You can experience Grindstone on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and macOS for a thrilling puzzle-solving experience.

Relation with Peglin

Though Grindstone primarily operates as a puzzler, it shares roguelike elements with Peglin. Both games demand a sound strategy, ensuring skills and patience are tested at every level, making Grindstone an exciting alternative for Peglin lovers.

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