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9 Games Like Among Us

Discover games similar to the popular game Among Us. This article introduces 10 engaging alternatives with similar intrigue and social dynamics. Dive in to explore!

Among Us has indisputably set a new standard in the thrilling universe of multiplayer online games. The wildly popular online party game’s blend of mystery and hilarity has left many gamers hungry for similar experiences. If you’re one of them, you’re in luck! This article explores ten games that echo the distinctive intrigue and social dynamics that make Among Us captivating.

Get ready to venture into a world of bluffing and deduction, full of suspense and unpredictable twists. Grab your detective hat because it’s time to uncover these ten games that will remind you of all the reasons you love Among Us.

About Among Us

Among Us is a thrilling multiplayer game that has made its mark in gaming. If you love solving mysteries and outsmarting others, this game is perfect. The game garnered massive popularity due to its unique mechanics, friendly visuals, and accessible platforms.

So, let’s delve deeper into the intricacies of Among Us and explore why this game is a favorite among many.

Release date of Among Us

Among Us was first released by Innersloth on June 15, 2018. The game has been a talking point amongst players since its release and continues to gain popularity with a growing player base.

Gameplay mechanics

The gameplay of Among Us is where the fun lies. It centers around a group of crewmates working to maintain and fly a spaceship. However, among these crewmates, there are impostors whose primary goal is to eliminate the crewmates without giving away their identity.

The remaining crewmates must then identify and vote out the impostors while fulfilling their tasks around the spaceship.

Platforms it’s available on

Among Us can be played across multiple platforms. It’s free on iOS and Android devices, with the option of in-app purchases. Moreover, it’s available on Windows, giving players the flexibility to play on their PCs or laptops.

Why it’s popular

The popularity of Among Us can be attributed to its interactive gameplay and blend of cooperation and deceit. It’s a game that brings friends together, only to make them suspect each other, and that’s what makes it fun and intriguing. The increasing number of streamers playing the game on platforms like Twitch has also increased its visibility and popularity.

1. Secret Neighbor

secret neighbor

Secret Neighbor expands upon the success of the original title, “Hello Neighbor,” bringing fresh gameplay mechanics with an essence of familiarity for the fans of Among Us.

Release date of Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor was officially launched to the world on October 24, 2019, by Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild.

Game’s genre

This game falls under the genre of multiplayer horror. The tension and suspense of sneaking into your neighbor’s house have been multiplied to create a chilling multiplayer experience.

Platforms it’s available on

Secret Neighbor is available on platforms like Windows and Xbox One, providing players with a thrilling gameplay experience.

Similarities with Among Us

Much like Among Us, Secret Neighbor focuses on the elements of deception and disguise. The game’s objective is to find out who among the group is playing as the creepy neighbor in disguise while trying to sneak into the basement.

2. Enemy On Board

enemy on board

Enemy On Board is similar to Among Us, inviting players to an eerie alien ship where it’s hard to distinguish friends from foes.

Release date of Enemy On Board

Being in its early access stages, Enemy on Board first made its appearance on May 8, 2020.

Game’s genre

The game is an intriguing blend of action, strategy, and social deduction, adding layers of complexity to the exciting gameplay.

Platforms it’s available on

Players can embark on this thrilling experience on the Windows platform, courtesy of Steam.

Similarities with Among Us

Like Among Us, two of the crew members on the spaceship are alien impostors, and the rest of the team must identify them. This brings an exciting dynamic where trust is always hanging by a thread.

3. Town Of Salem


Town of Salem is another exciting option for Among Us fans, offering a unique take on the social deception genre.

Release date of Town Of Salem

This engaging game was launched on December 15, 2014, by BlankMediaGames.

Game’s genre

Town Of Salem is a browser-based game falling under the genres of role-playing, strategy, and deception.

Platforms it’s available on

You can enjoy Town of Salem on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Similarities with Among Us

Town Of Salem shares the core concept of social deception with Among Us. The game has different factions, and players must bluff or reason for survival.

4. Push The Button (Jackbox Party Pack 6)

push button

Push the Button, part of the Jackbox Party Pack 6, is an entertaining game that Among Us players will definitely enjoy.

Release date of Push The Button

Push The Button was released as part of the Jackbox Party Pack 6 on October 17, 2019.

Game’s genre

Part of the party genre, this game brings fun, laughter, and nail-biting suspense in a party setting.

Platforms it’s available on

This pack is available to players on multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Similarities with Among Us

Push The Button revolves around figuring out who among the players are alien impostors, a concept that’s quite similar to Among Us, making it an exciting alternative.

5. Deceit


Deceit mixes first-person shooter and survival horror elements, adding a twist of betrayal and deceit, making it a great fit for Among Us fans.

Release date of Deceit

Developed by Automaton, Deceit was first introduced to the gaming community on March 3, 2017.

Game’s genre

Deceit combines elements of multiple genres, including first-person shooter and survival horror.

Platforms it’s available on

Deceit can be enjoyed on the Windows platform.

Similarities with Among Us

Just like Among Us, Deceit is all about trust and betrayal with the mission of identifying who among the group is infected.

6. Garry’s Mod: Trouble In Terrorist Town

garry's mod

The well-established Garry’s Mod brings its unique spin to the social deduction genre with Trouble in Terrorist Town, making it a must-try for Among Us fans.

Release date of Garry’s Mod: Trouble In Terrorist Town

Although Garry’s Mod was released on December 24, 2004, the ‘Trouble in Terrorist Town’ mode came much later as an addition to the game’s mini-game range.

Game’s genre

This game is a sandbox physics game, but Trouble in Terrorist Town adds elements of social deduction to its gameplay.

Platforms it’s available on

The game is available on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Similarities with Among Us

In Trouble in Terrorist Town, players must find out who’s the traitor among them, creating an atmosphere of suspicion, a quite similar mechanic to Among Us.

7. Unfortunate Spacemen

unfortunate spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen is a multi-faceted game that provides an enticing challenge for Among Us enthusiasts.

Release date of Unfortunate Spacemen

It was released on June 12, 2020, by New Blood Interactive.

Game’s genre

Unfortunate Spacemen intertwines the genres of action, indie, and free-to-play.

Platforms it’s available on

You can dive into the world of Unfortunate Spacemen on the Windows platform.

Similarities with Among Us

Like Among Us, Unfortunate Spacemen is about figuring out who among the crew is the shape-shifting alien trying to pick off other spacemen on the ship.

8. Barotrauma


Barotrauma offers a side-scrolling survival experience that Among Us fans might find interesting.

Release date of Barotrauma

Released on June 5, 2019, Barotrauma was developed by Undertow Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment.

Game’s genre

Barotrauma is a submarine simulator that falls under the action, simulation, and strategy genres.

Platforms it’s available on

Barotrauma can be enjoyed on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Similarities with Among Us

Like Among Us, Barotrauma involves a team of players, including traitors, working to fix the submarine while trying to identify the traitors.

9. Project Winter

project winter

Project Winter takes the concept of traitors versus innocents to a whole new level. If you enjoy playing Among Us, this game might be worth checking out.

Release date of Project Winter

Project Winter was introduced to the gaming world on May 23, 2019, by Other Ocean Interactive.

Game’s genre

This exciting game combines survival, strategy, and social deception, making it a fitting genre blend for Among Us fans.

Platforms it’s available on

Project Winter can be enjoyed on Microsoft Windows and Xbox.

Similarities with Among Us

Project Winter’s premise of identifying traitors working against your team’s survival in a challenging environment rings true to the mechanics of games like Among Us.

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