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9 Games Like Cards Against Humanity

Uncover top games similar to Cards Against Humanity. Explore laughter-provoking titles like Super Fight, Fun-Employed, and Trial by Trolley. Discover a new level of friendly rivalry!

Discover the thrill of laughter and camaraderie as you delve into the world of card games that closely resemble Cards Against Humanity. As recommended by, this list of ten uniquely engaging card games promises an equally entertaining experience, with perhaps a bit less not-safe-for-work content.

Explore games like Super Fight, Fun-Employed, Trial by Trolley, Banana Katana, Muffin Time, Pictomania, Wavelength, Herd Mentality, Exploding Kittens, and Snake Oil, each one offering a delightful twist on the traditional card game format.

Whether you’re facing off a monster with inventive strategies or stepping into the shoes of a salesperson pitching fabricated products, these games will surely keep you equally, if not more, entertained. So, prepare to enjoy a new level of friendly rivalry and hilarity that will keep everyone on their toes!

Cards Against Humanity Overview

You might be familiar with the popular card game known as Cards Against Humanity. This game, often played at social gatherings, has a reputation for being hilariously inappropriate, prompting fits of laughter and memorable moments among friends.

Brief history of Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity was launched in 2011 by a group of friends from the Midwest. The idea for the game was conceived during a New Year’s Eve party where the creators wanted something fun to entertain their friends. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game was made available to the public, and the rest is history.

Gameplay mechanics of Cards Against Humanity

In Cards Against Humanity, each player is dealt ten white “answer” cards. A player chosen as the “Card Czar” draws a black “question” card and presents it to the group. The other players then select one of their answer cards to complete the question card.

The Card Czar shuffles these anonymous submissions, reads them aloud, and then decides which response they like the best. That winning response then earns that player an “Awesome Point.”

1. Super Fight


Super Fight is another card game that can spark intense discussions among friends.

Release of Super Fight

Super Fight was launched in 2014 and was created by Darin Ross.

Genre of Super Fight

Super Fight belongs to the party game genre, and like Cards Against Humanity, the game’s humor often depends on the personalities and dynamics of the group playing.

Platforms where Super Fight is available

Super Fight can be bought in a physical format from various stores and can also be played digitally on platforms such as the Steam Store.

How Super Fight shares similar mechanics with Cards Against Humanity

Super Fight requires players to create their ultimate fighter using character and attribute cards, much like how players in Cards Against Humanity assemble humorous responses from the cards they’ve been dealt.

2. Fun-Employed

fun employed

Another game that shares similarities with Cards Against Humanity is Fun-Employed.

Launch of Fun-Employed

Fun-Employed was released in 2014 and was created by Anthony Conta.

Genre of Fun-Employed

This game falls within the party game genre, with players taking on the role of job applicants interviewing for bizarre positions.

Platforms where Fun-Employed is accessible

Fun-Employed can be purchased and played physically and is also available as a digital game on several online game platforms.

Similarities of Fun-Employed and Cards Against Humanity in terms of gameplay mechanics

In Fun-Employed, players must justify their unique qualifications for jobs based on their cards, much like how players select answers in Cards Against Humanity. The prospective employer in the game must choose which applicant they want to hire, akin to the Card Czar.

3. Trial By Trolley

trial by trolley

Trial By Trolley is a humorous game centering on moral dilemmas.

Introduction to Trial By Trolley’s release

Trial By Trolley was released relatively recently, in 2020. This game was created by Cyanide & Happiness.

The game genre of Trial By Trolley

Trial By Trolley is a party game designed to induce laughs and conversation.

Platforms for playing Trial By Trolley

This game is available primarily as a physical deck of cards from various sellers.

Comparison of Trial By Trolley and Cards Against Humanity’s gameplay mechanics

Much like Cards Against Humanity, Trial By Trolley requires players to convince another player, in this case, the Train Conductor, of their own point of view. Instead of the funniest answers winning, however, the most convincing argument does.

4. Banana Katana

banana katana

Banana Katana is a strategy card game that involves a combination of creativity and luck.

Debut of Banana Katana

This game was launched in 2020, and the creator of the game is Corey Fields.

Genre of Banana Katana

Like Cards Against Humanity, Banana Katana is essentially a party game, albeit with a strategic twist.

Platforms to play Banana Katana

This game is primarily available in a physical format from various retailers, including directly from the creator’s website.

Similarities between Banana Katana and Cards Against Humanity’s gameplay

Players of Banana Katana compete to defeat a monster using various inventive strategies decided by their hand of cards, drawing parallels to the creative assembling of responses in Cards Against Humanity.

5. Muffin Time

muffin time

Muffin Time is a chaotic card game with fast-paced gameplay.

Release details of Muffin Time

Muffin Time was released in 2020 and was created by Tommy Bowe of the YouTube channel ‘asdfmovie.’

Genre description of Muffin Time

This game fits neatly into the party game category, with its light-hearted and unpredictable nature.

Platforms supporting Muffin Time

Muffin Time is currently only available as a physical deck of cards.

Comparison of Muffin Time and Cards Against Humanity’s gameplay mechanics

Players must outsmart each other with action, counter, and trap cards in Muffin Time, much like how players construct winning statements from their dealt cards in Cards Against Humanity.

6. Pictomania


Pictomania is a fast-paced drawing game that engages the creativity of its players.

Launch data of Pictomania

Pictomania debuted in 2010 and was created by Vlaada Chvátil, a prominent game designer.

Genre classification of Pictomania

Pictomania falls into the party game genre, encouraging lively interaction among players.

Available platforms for Pictomania

This game can be played using a physical card set and, more recently, online via virtual interfaces.

Pictomania’s similarities with Cards Against Humanity’s gameplay

In Pictomania, players guess each other’s drawings and earn points. While the gameplay is not identical to Cards Against Humanity, the humor and group interaction elements are similar.

7. Wavelength


Wavelength is a social guessing game that requires teamwork and some luck.

Release information on Wavelength

Wavelength was launched in 2019 by Wolfgang Warsch, Alex Hague, and Justin Vickers.

The game genre of Wavelength

Like Cards Against Humanity, Wavelength belongs to the party game genre.

Platforms supporting Wavelength

Wavelength can be played physically or digitally on various gaming platforms.

How Wavelength’s gameplay mechanics resemble Cards Against Humanity

In both games, there’s an aspect of guessing what the clue-giver is thinking and aiming to align with the group’s wavelength, fostering the same level of group communication and humor.

8. Herd Mentality

herd mentality

Herd Mentality is a card game that prizes consensus over individuality.

Introduction to Herd Mentality’s release

Herd Mentality was launched in 2020 by Big Potato Games.

The genre of Herd Mentality

This is another party game that prioritizes group interaction and lots of laughs.

Platforms where Herd Mentality is available

Herd Mentality can be played traditionally with a deck of cards or digitally on various platforms.

Comparison of Herd Mentality and Cards Against Humanity in terms of gameplay mechanisms

The group in Herd Mentality answers questions trying to think alike, just as players try to match their responses to the Card Czar’s humor in Cards Against Humanity.

9. Snake Oil

snake oil

Snake Oil is a card game that involves selling and storytelling.

Release details of Snake Oil

Jeff Ochs created Snake Oil which was first released in 2010.

The genre of Snake Oil

Snake Oil falls under the party game genre, promising as much or even more laughter than Cards Against Humanity.

Platforms that support Snake Oil

Snake Oil is available as a physical card game from various retailers.

How Snake Oil shares similar gameplay with Cards Against Humanity

In Snake Oil, players pitch fabricated products to their friends as salespeople. This is similar to Cards Against Humanity, where players curate combinations of cards to solicit reactions from the Card Czar.

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