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4 Games Like Dungeons and Dragons

Immerse in 4 tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons that we have handpicked. Dive into unique storylines, varying genres, exciting combat, and thrilling narratives.

If you’ve ever traversed the sprawling landscapes of Dungeons and Dragons, you know the sheer joy of immersing yourself in a world of fantastical creatures and epic quests. But what if the same thrilling adventure could be enjoyed in a different setting or storyline? You’re in luck!

This article highlights 4 amazing tabletop games similar to Dungeons & Dragons, opening up new and exciting adventure possibilities. From vintage classics to thrilling new titles, each game was handpicked for its unique gameplay mechanics and thrilling narratives similar to those of D&D.

Warmly inviting seasoned gamers and newcomers, we’ll explore alternatives such as Pathfinder, Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients, 13th Age, and more. Let’s embark on this journey and discover a new realm of fantasy and adventure.

1. Pathfinder


Pathfinder is one of the most popular alternatives to Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and has taken the roleplaying game (RPG) world by storm since its inception.

Release Year and Creator

Launched in 2009, Pathfinder was published by the renowned company Paizo Publishing. Despite being a relatively new addition to the RPG universe, it quickly earned its status due to its fascinating gameplay.

Game Genre and Main Features

Pathfinder is a fantasy RPG that mirrors D&D’s 3rd edition rules. This game offers an immersive adventure setting, rich character development, and various expansion modules, all flavored with an enchanting fantasy flair.

Available Platforms

Pathfinder is primarily a tabletop RPG, which can be played using traditional dice, character sheets, and a game master. However, due to its increasing popularity, it’s also available on digital platforms such as Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

Comparison to Dungeons and Dragons

Based on D&D’s 3rd edition rules, Pathfinder shares multiple similarities like character classes, alignment system, skill checks, and magic spells with D&D. However, characters in Pathfinder often have more abilities, making the game slightly more complex.

2. Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients

shadows of brimstone

This game uniquely blends the Old West with Lovecraftian horror, creating an intriguing setting rarely seen in RPGs.

Introduction and Release Date

Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients was introduced in 2014 by Flying Frog Productions. From abandoned mining towns to eerie desert caves, each gaming session transports players to a gripping tale of horror and adventure.

Genre and Key Gameplay Elements

This game combines adventurous exploration and combat in a Western setting with horror elements. The players’ characters level up with experience, acquire loot from victories, and even suffer injuries and madness from their encounters with otherworldly horrors.

Different Platforms It Can Be Played On

Like most tabletop games, Shadows of Brimstone can be played traditionally or through online platforms such as Tabletop Simulator.

How It Resembles Dungeons and Dragons

Its resemblance to D&D lies in its emphasis on immersive narratives, character development, and strategic combats. Moreover, its class-and-leveling system is reminiscent of D&D’s.

3. 13th Age

13th age

A relatively new RPG, 13th Age, has received increasing attention, especially from D&D lovers.

Launch Date and Developers

Introduced in 2013, 13th Age was developed by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, who have contributed to multiple editions of D&D.

Primary Genre and Gameplay

Set in a fantasy universe, the 13th Age uniquely combines storytelling and strategy. It employs a character creation system deeply tied to the game’s lore, thus making every character intrinsic to the game world’s narrative.

Platforms Through Which Players Can Access the Game

13th Age is primarily accessible as a tabletop RPG but can be played online through platforms like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

Similarities with Dungeons and Dragons

Sharing its roots with D&D, the 13th Age utilizes a similar class and skill system. The game places a similar emphasis on character roles and combat, thus offering ample opportunities for strategic teamwork and combat craze.

4. HârnMaster


This vintage RPG is renowned for its high realism and attention to detail within its richly developed world.

Year of Publication and Origin

HârnMaster was published in 1986 by Columbia Games. Despite being a more mature RPG, it still enjoys a devoted fanbase due to its extremely detailed world-building.

Genre and Noteworthy Features

HârnMaster is a medieval fantasy RPG set on the fictional island of Hârn. The game is best known for its high realism, displaying meticulous detail in geography, history, and even language.

Platforms It’s Available On

As a traditional RPG, HârnMaster can be played on tabletop platforms using dice and character sheets. It can also be accessed online through various RPG platforms.

How HârnMaster is Similar to Dungeons and Dragons in Gameplay

HârnMaster draws parallels with D&D in its setting, lore, and races. However, it takes a more gritty and realistic approach, offering more complex social interactions and combat systems.

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