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9 Games Like Dead Island

Discover top games similar to Dead Island! From the hilarious zombie-slaying in Dead Rising 3 to the pure survival action in State of Decay 2, find your next adventure.

If you’ve found yourself addicted to the undead thrills of “Dead Island 2,” only to be left yearning for more, you’re in for a treat. With the fast-paced, zombie-killing frenzy set in Hell-A, it’s no wonder you’ve been left in a gaming lull. But the good news is, there’s a plethora of wild alternatives out there just waiting to be explored by you.

From the notorious lawlessness of “Grand Theft Auto 5”, the fantasy-driven clashes in “Zeno Clash”, to the humorous spin of “Dead Rising 3,” and the cooperative team-based journey in “Back 4 Blood.” There are games aplenty offering similar elements to feed your ferocious appetite.

So gear up, get your game face on, and prepare to dive into a thrilling, virtual exploration of the 9 games like “Dead Island.”

Insight into Dead Island

“Dead Island 2” is a gripping and immersive video game that plunges you into a post-apocalyptic scenario infested with zombies. Garnering great popularity for its thrilling zombie-killing premise set on Hell-A streets, its brevity compared to predecessors leaves avid players yearning for more. Thus, if you’re on a hunt to find games echoing the gameplay experience of Dead Island, hang tight! We’re to spill the beans.

Year of release and platforms available

“Dead Island 2” is yet to hit the gaming markets. Awaiting its official release, it’ll be available for you to lay hands on across various platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Genre and main gameplay mechanics

Falling under the genre of action and role-playing, Dead Island 2 is a wonderland for those who relish being in control and charting their own course. It involves open-world exploration, combat strategies, and exciting functional elements to kill zombies.

Distinct features that separate it from other zombie action games

Unlike other zombie-galore games, Dead Island 2 is sprinkled generously with humor. Brimming with witty dialogues and punchy taglines, the game’s inventive dynamics make the players laugh as they dodge the undead. Its signature melee combat is another draw, offering engaging, visceral encounters.

1. Grand Theft Auto 5

gta 5

For lovers of free-roaming adventures, “Grand Theft Auto 5” may feel right at home, given its resemblance to Dead Island’s LA setting.

Release date and platforms

Launched in September 2013, GTA 5 is accessible on various platforms such as PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Genre and primary gameplay focus

Grand Theft Auto 5, an action-adventure game, serves you sprawling cityscapes to explore, coupled with an abundance of activities for non-stop entertainment.

Uncanny similarities with Dead Island

GTA 5 unfolds in a city resembling Los Angeles, mirroring Dead Island’s LA setting. Furthermore, it binds diverse attractions and many activities that can tirelessly cast you under its spell, drawing parallels to Dead Island.

2. Zeno Clash

zeno clash

“Zeno Clash”, a distinctive game, comes with a fantasy-focused setting and first-person melee fights that Dead Island players will find admirably familiar.

Year of release and platforms it can be played on

Zeno Clash first appeared in 2009, and you can embark on this gaming journey on Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

Genre and unique gaming features

Zeno Clash, an action-adventure game, is known for its captivating first-person melee-focused gameplay in a fantasy-centric setting.

How it draws a parallel with the Dead Island game

Like Dead Island’s melee combat, Zeno Clash provides riveting hand-to-hand combat and brawls, making it a worthy alternative for thrill-seekers.

3. Atomic Heart

atomic heart

“Atomic Heart” is your go-to if you whimsically enjoyed Dead Island 2’s wit on top of the zombie-killing action.

Release date and available platforms

Atomic Heart is currently under development and will be unleashed on platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Genre and gameplay details

As a first-person shooter game, playing Atomic Heart is like walking through a sci-fi world rife with combat and exploration.

Resemblances with Dead Island’s gameplay

Reminiscent of Dead Island’s fun dialogues, Atomic Heart promises similar humor, adding an enjoyable facet to the zombocalypse.

4. Dead Rising 3

dead rising 3

If you’re a fan of chuckles with chills and thrills, “Dead Rising 3” serves humor in a zombie game genre similar to Dead Island.

Year it came out and platforms to play on

First coming out in 2013, Dead Rising 3 can be played on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Genre and main attributes

Styled as an action-adventure game, Dead Rising 3 offers an amusing approach to the otherwise ghastly zombie-killing expedition.

Commonalities with Dead Island’s approach in the humor aspect

Dead Rising 3’s humorous take on zombies pairs well with Dead Island’s penchant for levity, offering a prospective alternative for those drawn to such a gaming style.

5. Dying Light 2

Dying Light, Dying Light 2_ Stay Human, and Payday 2

“Dying Light 2” matches “Dead Island 2” in terms of combat, however, it nuances the game by placing a heavier emphasis on speed.

Date of release and platforms

With its release awaiting in December 2021, Dying Light 2 will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

Genre and key gameplay elements

As a survival horror action role-playing game, Dying Light 2 uplifts the intensity with quick-paced parkour traversal.

How its combat mechanism compares to Dead Island 2

Dead Island fans will appreciate Dying Light 2’s parallels in melee-focused combat mechanics, with added alacrity infused into attacks and movements.

6. Back 4 Blood

back 4 blood

“Back 4 Blood” is a platform for those seeking participation in cooperative team-based gameplay experienced in “Dead Island.

Year and platforms of release

Back 4 Blood came out in 2021 and delivers thrilling gameplay on platforms like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

Genre and main gaming features

Back 4 Blood, a first-person shooter game, thrives on a cooperative multiplayer module where gamers compete to conquer the in-game challenges.

Explanation of its similarities with Dead Island regarding cooperative team-based gameplay

Teaming up to take down zombies, as seen in Dead Island, is at the core of Back 4 Blood, making it a suiting contender for cooperative gameplay enthusiasts.

7. Chivalry 2


“Chivalry 2” brings the past into the present with medieval hack-and-slash mayhem, satisfying the weapon-swinging cravings of Dead Island players.

Release date and available platforms

Chivalry 2 was launched in 2021 and can be played on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

Genre and unique quirks in gameplay

Tagged as a multi-player-focused hack-and-slash game, Chivalry 2 harks back to brutal medieval battles brimming with arsenal action.

How its weapon-swinging mayhem relates to Dead Island

Reminiscent of Dead Island’s melee combat, the weapons chaos in Chivalry 2 will feel familiar and refreshing for aficionados of wild engagement in warfare.

8. State Of Decay 2

state of decay 2

“State Of Decay 2” offers a survival game solidifying the rapport between zombie warfare and self-reliance, as seen in Dead Island.

Year it was launched and platforms it can be played on

State Of Decay 2 entered the gaming arena in 2018 and is playable on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Genre and survival mechanics like crafting, base building, and planning

This game, encoded under the survival and simulation genre, concocts a gripping playthrough process involving crafting, base building, strategic planning, and zombie management.

Comparison of its main gameplay elements with Dead Island

State Of Decay 2 excels at handling pragmatic survival mechanics, comparable to Dead Island’s means of dealing with hordes of zombies.

9. Dead Island Original Series

dead island original series

If you are new to the zombie gaming genre or a dedicated Dead Island fan, revisiting “Dead Island,” the original series, would be like feeling the first raindrops on a sultry day.

Release information and platform availability

Originally issued in 2011, the Dead Island series can be accessed on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Genre and characteristic gameplay

An action role-playing survival horror, the Dead Island series showcases an open-world environment on the tropical island of Banoi.

Why it’s a great choice for newcomers and dedicated fans alike

The original Dead Island series holds a classic charm that’s easy to fall in love with for first-timers. Also, as a loyalist, revisiting the game might walk you down memory lane, engulfing you with nostalgia and amusement.

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