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9 Games Like Escape Academy

Discover 9 thrilling games similar to Escape Academy, indulging in adventures & puzzles on various platforms. Immerse into your next gaming quest!

If you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the immersive gameplay, intricate puzzles, and thrilling storylines of Escape Academy, this article is tailor-made just for you. Packed with recommendations for 9 games that share the essence of Escape Academy, you’ll uncover a new collection of challenging and entertaining adventure games to conquer.

Each game is broken down and explored, highlighting the release date, genre, available platforms, and, most importantly, in what ways they mirror the elements you adored in Escape Academy. You’re only a stroll away from discovering your next gaming obsession!

Escape Academy Overview

Did you enjoy the exhilarating challenge of solving mysteries and riddles in Escape Academy? If so, buckle up as we plunge down the rabbit hole, introducing you to ten other games laden with catchy adventures and mind-bending puzzles that you’ll find irresistible.

So, let’s dive right in to expand your gaming horizons!

Release Date of Escape Academy

Escape Academy was released on 2nd December 2021, providing an exciting escape room adventure for gaming enthusiasts to explore.

Escape Academy Game Genre

Falling under the Adventure and Indie genres, Escape Academy challenges players with varied puzzles and riddles in a stimulating escape room scenario.

Escape Academy’s Available Platforms

Escape Academy is available on Windows, allowing PC gamers to experience its exciting challenges.

Escape Academy Gameplay Description

In Escape Academy, you find yourself in an intriguing escape room filled with clever puzzles and charming art. With each mission you accomplish, the story unfolds further, making every escape a thrilling race against time.

Play it solo or co-op, the exciting adventure never fails to grip you with its captivating gameplay.

1. Operation: Tango

operation_ tango

Release Date of Operation: Tango

Operation: Tango was unleashed on the 1st of June, 2021.

Operation: Tango Game Genre

This game falls under the cooperative action-adventure genre.

Operation: Tango Available Platforms

It is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

Comparison of Operation: Tango to Escape Academy

In Operation: Tango, you play as either Angel, the agent, or Alistair, the hacker, making your way through high-stakes espionage missions. Like Escape Academy, this game emphasizes cooperative gameplay and puzzle-solving.

2. Escape Room – Der Kranke Kollege

escape room

Release Date of Escape Room – Der Kranke Kollege

Escape Room – Der Kranke Kollege hit the market sometime in 2017.

Escape Room – Der Kranke Kollege Game Genre

The game is known for its emphasis on the Puzzle and Adventure genres.

Escape Room – Der Kranke Kollege Available Platforms

This game is available on Windows, letting PC gamers delve into its intriguing setting.

Comparison of Escape Room – Der Kranke Kollege to Escape Academy

Despite a more somber tone, it shares Escape Academy’s emphasis on escaping precarious situations, making it an engaging alternative.

3. We Were Here Series

we were here

Release Date of We Were Here Series

The series first launched on February 3, 2017, with its latest installment released on September 2, 2021.

We Were Here Game Genre

It’s primarily a Cooperative First-Person Adventure game.

We Were Here Available Platforms

The series is available on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Comparison of We Were Here to Escape Academy

Like in Escape Academy, players must work together, solving puzzles to find their way out of a cursed castle.

4. Keep Talking, And Nobody Explodes

keep talking

Release Date of Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

This tension-filled game was introduced to players on 16th July 2015.

Keep Talking, And Nobody Explodes Game Genre

The game is a multi-player puzzle game.

Keep Talking, And Nobody Explodes Available Platforms

It is available on Android, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows.

Comparison of Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes to Escape Academy

With a similar urgency and requirement for rapid problem-solving like Escape Academy, this game takes cooperative puzzle-solving to a new level where you have to disarm a ticking bomb!

5. The Escapists Series

escapist series

Release Date of The Escapists Series

The first game of The Escapists series was launched on 13 February 2015.

The Escapists Game Genre

This game features Strategy-based Gameplay but also includes elements of Adventure.

The Escapists’ Available Platforms

The Escapist series is available on various platforms like Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Comparison of The Escapists to Escape Academy

The Strategically planned breakout from prisons in The Escapists has traits akin to the cleverly crafted escapes in Escape Academy, ensuring a heart-racing experience!

6. Portal Series

portal series

Release Date of Portal Series

The iconic Portal series debuted on October 9, 2007.

Portal Game Genre

It’s a puzzle-platformer game that’s dazzled gamers for years.

Portal Available Platforms

The Portal series is playable on Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Comparison of Portal to Escape Academy

Like Escape Academy, Portal requires intelligent strategizing and problem-solving to succeed in its unique, physics-based challenges.

7. Last Will

last will

Release Date of Last Will

Last Will was launched on 29th August 2016.

Last Will Game Genre

This game falls under the Adventure, Indie, and Puzzle Game genres.

Last Will Available Platforms

Last Will can be enjoyed on Windows, ensuring an exciting experience for PC gamers.

Comparison of Last Will to Escape Academy

While staying true to the puzzle-solving nature of Escape Academy, Last Will introduces an interesting twist with its reverse escape room concept.

8. A Way Out

a way out

Release Date of A Way Out

A Way Out was unleashed on the 23rd of March, 2018.

A Way Out Game Genre

A very unique game, it falls under the Action-Adventure genre.

A Way Out Available Platforms

It is available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Comparison of A Way Out to Escape Academy

Though not traditionally an escape room game, A Way Out shares Escape Academy’s cooperative gameplay and puzzle-solving requirements, providing an engaging, immersive experience.

9. Escape Simulator

escape simulator

Release Date of Escape Simulator

Escape Simulator debuted on October 19, 2021.

Escape Simulator Game Genre

This is another engaging game in the Puzzle and Indie genres.

Escape Simulator Available Platforms

Escape Simulator is available on Windows for all PC gamers to enjoy.

Comparison of Escape Simulator to Escape Academy

As the name suggests, Escape Simulator offers similar escape room experiences as Escape Academy, complete with many puzzles and challenges to overcome.

Before you go, remember that the joy of gaming comes from not just playing but exploring new digital territories. So, whichever game from this list you choose to dive into next, rest assured an exciting adventure awaits!

Now, go and create new stories. Happy Gaming!

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