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9 Games Like Tell Me Why

Discover games similar to ‘Tell Me Why’ offering thrilling stories that shape based on your decisions. Dive into these gripping narratives today!

With the popular game ‘Tell Me Why’ from Don’t Nod Entertainment at the forefront, you’re invited into the exciting world of games that shape their narratives based on players’ crucial decision-making. Much applauded for its queer representation and engaging storyline, ‘Tell Me Why’ has paved the way for other similar adventures you’ll surely love to explore.

Whether it’s stepping into the same creators’ masterpiece, ‘Life is Strange’, delving into detective work with ‘Blacksad: Under The Skin’, or battling horrors in ‘The Quarry’, each decision you make can drastically change the game’s conclusion. More such thrilling sagas encompass ‘Detroit: Become Human’, ‘The Wolf Among Us’, ‘Heavy Rain’, ‘Oxenfree’, ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes’, ‘Until Dawn’, and ‘Twin Mirror’; all promise to pique your interest with their interactive storytelling and riveting decision-centric gameplay.

Are you ready to navigate through these twisting narratives?

A Brief Overview of ‘Tell Me Why’

“Tell Me Why” is a choice-driven narrative game that has grabbed the attention of gamers worldwide. Why has it become such a hit? It provides an immersive experience, richly colored by the game’s focus on queer representation. Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, the same creators behind the cult hit “Life is Strange,” “Tell Me Why” has struck a chord among players with its insightful narrative.

The game has been well-received by critics and players alike thanks to its focused representation of the queer community and its groundbreaking narrative that respects and normalizes trans identity.

Another intriguing aspect of “Tell Me Why” is the game’s decision-making mechanics. The game is a narrative adventure where your decisions significantly influence the story’s outcomes.

As the player, you are responsible for influencing characters’ lives and shaping their world, which adds an extra layer of intensity and immersion to the game.

1. Life is Strange

life is strange

“Life is Strange,” released in 2015 and available on multiple platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows, shares deep connections with “Tell Me Why.” The game is a creation of Dontnod Entertainment, acclaimed for offering players substantial control over narrative progression.

Similarly to “Tell Me Why,” “Life is Strange” heavily relies on decision-making mechanics that influence the game’s storyline, allowing you to alter the story’s outcome based on your choices. This forms an intricate web of narratives that make every playthrough unique and personal.

2. Blacksad: Under The Skin

black sad

If you’re a fan of detective stories, “Blacksad: Under The Skin” might be just up your alley. Released in 2019 for platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows, this game takes you on a thrilling investigation.

Its gameplay shares similarities with “Tell Me Why,” given its heavy emphasis on decision-making. Your actions and choices as a player directly bear on future interactions and outcomes, making gameplay a significantly engaging experience.

3. The Quarry

For horror lovers, “The Quarry” provides an exhilarating gaming experience. Released in 2021, it is available on mainstream platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. Much like “Tell Me Why,” it features decision-making and adventure elements, though it adds a stinging twist of horror.

As in “Tell Me Why,” decisions in this game must often be made quickly. The game’s survival mechanics echo that of “Tell Me Why,” adding an extra layer of nail-biting tension.

4. Detroit: Become Human


“Detroit: Become Human” is another game similar to “Tell Me Why.” Launched in 2018 for platforms such as PlayStation and Microsoft Windows, the game boasts an intriguing story format.

It features three intertwined plot lines, which evolve based on your choices as a player. This creates a layered narrative experience where every decision matters, mirroring the significant decision-making mechanics in “Tell Me Why.”

5. The Wolf Among Us

wolf among us

“The Wolf Among Us” shares many similarities with “Tell Me Why” regarding decision-based narratives. Released in 2013 by Telltale Games for platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows, this game throws players into a story brimming with decisions that influence its progression.

It’s a standout example of a choice-driven game and a great option for those who love “Tell Me Why.”

6. Heavy Rain

heavy rain

“Heavy Rain” is a decision-driven game that takes players on a gripping journey. Released in 2010 and widely available on PlayStation and Microsoft Windows, this game presents a thrilling narrative where your choices lead to various endings, echoing the decision-driven outcomes seen in “Tell Me Why.”

The game centers on the hunt for a serial killer, offering a dynamic departure from the themes in “Tell Me Why.”

7. Oxenfree


“Oxenfree,” released in 2016 and available on platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows, also shares engaging decision-making and narrative-shaping features with “Tell Me Why.” The game incorporates supernatural elements that provide an exciting twist to an already exciting choice-based gaming experience.

8. The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes

house of ashes

As part of the “The Dark Pictures Anthology,” “House of Ashes” is a game that gives players plenty to think about, released in 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows, this game creates a chilling atmosphere using interactive drama and survival horror elements.

Its decision-based storytelling aligns it closely with “Tell Me Why,” as your choices as a player shape your character’s survival and the unfolding narrative.

9. Twin Mirror

twin mirror

If you enjoyed “Tell Me Why,” you’ll likely find “Twin Mirror” a fascinating experience. Released in 2020 and available on platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows, this game shares similar narrative elements and decision-making mechanics.

With psychological thriller elements blended into the intricate story, “Twin Mirror” provides a layered and engaging narrative experience, much like “Tell Me Why.”

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