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Games Like Wordle You Need To Play In 2024

Explore fun and challenging word games like Wordle in 2024. Discover the 14 must-play alternatives that offer a delightful mix of trivia, vocabulary, and strategy.

If you love word games, especially the popular puzzle game Wordle, you’re in for a delightful surprise in 2024! This article presents 10 engaging games like Wordle curated meticulously for entertainment and mental exercise.

Beyond the classic Scrabble, get ready to be enamored by the likes of Nerdle (the numeric version of Wordle), Dordle (think double Wordle), and Globle (a geography spin on the concept). This year, challenge yourself with Quordle’s task of guessing four words or Worldle’s geography test. Explore Waffle’s word jumbles or Crosswordle’s crossword challenge, and enjoy the creativity of Octordle with eight-word guessing. You’ll also discover Words With Friends 2, a sequel to Wordle’s progenitor, Squabble, a multiplayer take on Wordle, and daily anagram puzzles via Jumble. And for the Star Wars fanatics, Star Wars-themed SWordle is simply the cherry on top!

1. Scrabble: The Classic Word-Based Board Game

Scrabble video game

Overview and gameplay

Scrabble is a classic word-based board game that has continuously captivated minds for decades. As you play, you are dealt an assortment of letters, which you must effectively arrange to generate words on the game board. Points are awarded based on the complexity of the word and the use of specific high-value tiles. Strategically use your letters to score high points and outwit your opponents!

Why it’s similar to Wordle

Like Wordle, Scrabble has a word-centric core, driving your linguistic limits to concoct words. Both games offer an opportunity to flex your vocabulary and utilize strategic planning to secure a win. However, unlike Wordle, where you only get five chances to guess the word, Scrabble allows you to formulate words until all letters run out continuously.

Where to play Scrabble

Scrabble can be played in person using a traditional board game set or online on various gaming platforms. It is ideal for casual social gatherings or competitive tournaments!

2. Nerdle: The Numerical Version of Wordle

Nerdle The Numerical Version of Wordle

Overview and gameplay

Nerdle challenges players to crack a numerical equation rather than guess a word. The object is to decipher the equation within a predetermined number of attempts. Much like Wordle, precision and strategy are critical.

Why it’s similar to Wordle

Even though Nerdle swaps letters for numbers, guessing within a certain number of attempts aligns it with Wordle. The curiosity, mystery, and deductive reasoning essential for success in Wordle also find their place in Nerdle.

Where to play Nerdle

You can play Nerdle online via your favorite web browser.

3. Dordle: Double the Fun with Two Words

Dordle Double the Fun with Two Words

Overview and gameplay

Taking the Wordle concept to another dimension, Dordle challenges you to guess two five-letter words simultaneously. Decipher the correct words within several attempts for that gratifying victory taste!

Why it’s similar to Wordle

Dordle certainly rings of Wordle but with an extra fun twist. Like Wordle, you are tasked with identifying words within a given number of tries. The two-word element serves to elevate the challenge and increase the fun factor!

Where to play Dordle

Dordle can be enjoyed on your preferred web browser.

4. Globle: Geography-Based Guessing Game

Globle Geography Based Guessing Game

Overview and gameplay

Globle strips the word-guessing theme and substitutes it with a geography-based challenge. The objective boils down to guessing a specific country within the map.

Why it’s similar to Wordle

Although it sways away from words and numbers, Globle resembles Wordle in terms of the guessing nature of the game. Just as you would surmise the correct word or number in Wordle and Nerdle, you are tasked to infer the precise location in Globle.

Where to play Globle

You can play Globle on various online platforms through your preferred web browser.

5. Quordle: Quadruple the Challenge

Quordle Quadruple the Challenge

Overview and gameplay

If you thought guessing one word was fun, wait until you try Quordle! Rather than guess a single word, you are challenged to deduce four words simultaneously.

Why it’s similar to Wordle

Quordle retains the essence of Wordle but with an amplified challenge. With four words to guess instead of one, the excitement quadruples!

Where to play Quordle

Relish in the thrills of Quordle by playing online on multiple platforms.

6. Worldle: A Geography Version of Wordle

Worldle A Geography Version of Wordle

Overview and gameplay

Worldle has traded Wordle’s letters for a map of a country. It offers you multiple daily chances to pinpoint a country based on its shape and some provided facts. Just like the correct word in Wordle, the correct country keeps changing every day!

Why it’s similar to Wordle

Every level in Worldle is a guessing game, much like each attempt in Wordle. Rather than using language knowledge, you’ll need a bit of geography knowledge to guess the country!

Where to play Worldle

Take Worldle for a spin by grabbing your laptop, computer, or mobile device to play on various online platforms. But prepare yourself, you’ll likely find yourself hooked!

7. Waffle: Unjumble Words to Win

Waffle Unjumble Words to Win

Overview and gameplay

In Waffle, players are given jumbled letters that they must mentally unscramble to create real words. It’s not about guessing an unknown word or solving an equation; it’s about recognizing a word already there, just in a mixed-up form!

Why it’s similar to Wordle

Waffle tests your vocabulary skills, similar to Wordle. While Wordle hints at the number of correct letters in the right or wrong place, Waffle doesn’t. But both games induce a unique high on recognizing words and outwitting challenges!

Where to play Waffle

Waffle is available to play online on numerous platforms via your favorite web browser!

8. Word Hurdle: A Six-Letter Round of Fun

Word Hurdle A Six Letter Round of Fun

Overview and gameplay

While Wordle asks you to guess a five-letter word, Word Hurdle steps up the excitement by introducing a six-letter word. Your objective remains the same: guess the word within a limited number of tries.

Why it’s similar to Wordle

With that extra letter, Word Hurdle presents a similar but slightly more challenging version of Wordle. You still need to use your linguistic prowess to guess the word, just an extra letter longer!

Where to play Word Hurdle

Try Word Hurdle online on various gaming platforms.

9. Crosswordle: Wordle in Crossword Format

Crosswordle Wordle in Crossword Format

Overview and gameplay

Crosswordle combines the fun of Wordle with the classic appeal of crossword puzzles. You must complete the crossword puzzle with Wordle-inspired clues—guess the word within a limited number of attempts.

Why it’s similar to Wordle

Crosswordle takes the guessing mechanic of Wordle and applies it to a crossword format. The challenge of deducing the correct words from given clues is much the same as in Wordle.

Where to play Crossword

You can delve into the challenging world of Crosswordle online via several web platforms.

10. SWordle: A Star Wars-Themed Version of Wordle

SWordle A Star Wars Themed Version of Wordle

Overview and gameplay

A treat for Star Wars fans, SWordle challenges you to guess words related to the iconic space saga. May the force be with you as you guess the word within a determined number of attempts.

Why it’s similar to Wordle

Like Wordle, the fun in SWordle lies in guessing the correct five-letter word. But instead of any random word from the dictionary, you get to guess terms associated with Star Wars!

Where to play SWordle

Experience the world of Star Wars from a linguistic perspective by playing SWordle online on various platforms.

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