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OSRS Nex Guide: Strategies and Tips for Success

Get ready to conquer Nex in OSRS with our comprehensive guide! Discover effective strategies, useful tips, and essential advice to secure your triumph.

Embarking on your journey to tackle Nex in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)? You’re in the right place! This guide, aptly titled “OSRS Nex Guide: Strategies and Tips for Success,” is packed with vital strategies, insightful tips, and key advice to grant you victory.

So brace yourself and get ready to revolutionize your gameplay, adding depth and nuance to your Nex encounters. Remember, playing smartly and strategically increases your chances of triumph.

Understanding Nex in OSRS

The basics of Nex

Nex is a powerful boss in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) who presents a formidable challenge even to more seasoned players. As the ancient Zarosian general, Nex should not be underestimated. She possesses a significant amount of hitpoints, well-rounded defense attributes, and a range of devastating attacks. Successfully defeating Nex will require a considerate mix of the right skill levels, gear, and strategies.

The location of Nex in the game

In the game, Nex resides in the ancient and frozen Prison of the Gods, tucked deep within the God Wars Dungeon. The dungeon’s frosty climate calls for protection against constant loss of life points, so in addition to combat gear, warm clothing is a must.

Nex’s attack style and capabilities

Nex is known for her resilience and diverse attack styles, utilizing all three forms of the combat triangle: melee, ranged, and magic. These attacks are distributed randomly during most phases of her battle. Furthermore, she has strong defenses against all three combat styles, making her an overwhelmingly challenging boss.

Preparing your Character for Nex

Optimal levels for facing Nex

Facing Nex requires high combat levels, and it’s not an opponent you want to challenge prematurely. It’s recommended that you have as close to 99 in all combat stats (Strength, Defense, Attack, Hitpoints, Ranged, and Magic) as possible. It would also be beneficial to have 95 Prayers to access the more powerful curses.

Recommended combat gear

Due to Nex’s balanced defense, choosing combat gear becomes a tricky decision. A good general rule is to use high-tier gear that offers the best accuracy bonus in your chosen attack style. This could be full Armadyl for ranged, Bandos or Barrows for melee, or Ancestral robes for magic.

Item setups and inventory essentials

When preparing your inventory for the Nex fight, remember core essentials: food, prayer potions, super restore potions, and relevant combat potions. Teleport tablets or other escape methods are also crucial, as the fight can take a turn for the worse at any moment. Lastly, don’t forget your frostbite-resistant items.

Navigating to Nex’s Location

Finding and entering Nex’s lair

Entering Nex’s lair is no easy task. You’ll need to obtain a Frozen Key by killing diverse minions in the God Wars Dungeon to unlock her confinement. The key consists of four parts, each dropped by a different follower.

Potential dangers on the way

Remember, the God Wars Dungeon is a treacherous area filled with aggressive monsters. On your way to Nex, you’ll need to be cautious of their attacks. Safeguard yourself with protection prayers and high-level gear to traverse safely.

Things to remember when navigating

Don’t forget that the God Wars Dungeon is multicombat, so utilizing crowd-control or area-based attacks can help handle the aggressive creatures. Furthermore, the dungeon is quite labyrinthine, so it could be helpful to have a map handy.

nex phase

Phases of the Nex Battle

Understanding Nex’s distinct phases

There are five distinct phases to the Nex battle: Fumus, Umbra, Cruor, Glacies, and Zaros. Each phase introduces a new attack style and mechanics demanding adaptive combat tactics.

Specific tactics for each phase

As each phase introduces new mechanics, a different approach is needed. For example, during the Fumus phase, concentrate on avoiding Nex’s magic attacks, while during the Umbra phase, mindfully sidestep her shadow traps.

Changes in Nex’s attack patterns and defense during different phases

The variation in Nex’s attack patterns and defense during the phases provides a dynamic battle experience. At each phase, she adopts a new primary attack style with enhanced damage while her defense gets stronger. This requires a shield switch or prayer adaptation to lessen the damage taken.

The Fumus Phase

Recognizing the start of the Fumus phase

The Fumus phase begins immediately as the battle with Nex commences. You’ll notice a green aura around her, signaling the onset of this phase.

Best attack strategies during this phase

During the Fumus phase, your strategy should be to deal as much damage in the shortest time possible. Nex does not have special defenses during this phase, so use your highest damaging abilities.

Defensive moves to make in the Fumus phase

Fumus will attack with a powerful magic attack. Utilize the Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic prayers during this phase to mitigate the magic damage.

The Umbra Phase

Initiating the Umbra phase

The Umbra phase starts as soon as you’ve depleted Nex’s first health bar. An indication of this is her saying, “A siphon will solve this!” followed by her summoning a shadow trap.

Best positions and strategies for the Umbra phase

You should maintain a fair distance from Nex during this phase to avoid the shadow trap under her. If a shadow trap appears under you, move quickly to avoid high incoming damage.

Understanding and managing Umbra’s shadow trap

The shadow trap can cause significant damage if sprinting is delayed. The traps are evident as growing circles of darkness on the ground. If you see this, moving away will help you avoid heavy damage.

The Cruor Phase

Identifying the Cruor phase

The Cruor phase is signified when Nex exclaims, “Blood for the blood god!”. In this phase, Nex can heal herself, making it rather challenging.

Effective attacks for the Cruor phase

During the Cruor phase, try to land as many hits as possible before she siphons life from players. This can minimize the health she regains and speed up the phase.

Avoiding Cruor’s blood sacrifice

Be mindful of the blood sacrifice during this phase. Keep an eye for a red whirlpool, as standing on it will heal Nex by a considerable amount.

nex glacial

The Glacies Phase

Triggering the Glacies phase

The Glacies phase is the fourth one to come up in the battle. Nex will declare, “I demand a sacrifice!” indicating the onset of this phase.

Recommended gear and positioning for Glacies

Switch to high defensive gear against mage and range during this phase. Ensuring you’re not the closest target when Nex shrieks the phase start-line will help avoid being frozen.

Successfully counteracting Glacies’s special attack.

Nex freezes players during this phase. If you get frozen, don’t panic. Just focus on surviving until you break free. The freedom ability or Anticipation skill can be crucial to reducing the time being frozen.

The Final Phase – Zaros Phase

Starting the Zaros phase

The Zaros phase is the final phase and occurs when Nex says, “Now, the power of Zaros.” This phase is the toughest and requires sheer determination to overcome.

Unique challenges of the Zaros phase

Nex retains her attacks from previous phases while wielding a menacing, dark deflection shield during the Zaros phase. The deflection shield considerably reduces incoming damage and deflects it back to the attacker.

Combat strategies to defeat Zaros

The strategy during this phase is to avoid using Soul Split. If you’re fighting in a team, a teammate can provoke and tank Zaros while you increase damage output with prayers and strong abilities.

Tips and Tricks for Nex Battles

Utilizing prayers effectively

Prayers are valuable during the fight against Nex. Efficient use of protection and damage-increasing prayers can provide much-needed damage mitigation and improved offensive abilities.

Managing your inventory while in combat

Juggling inventory during a Nex fight can be challenging. Practice eating between attacks, and use your potions judiciously. The key is to understand and predict damage to use your supplies effectively.

Working in teams to tackle Nex

Taking on Nex with a team can add an extra layer of strategy and fun to the fight. Assign tasks such as tanking, healing, and dealing with damage to different team members to make the fight more manageable. Cooperation and communication will be your best weapons in a team battle against Nex.

So, get ready, gather your team, and gear up for one of the most thrilling battles in OSRS. Good luck!

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