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OSRS Hand in the Sand Quest Guide: Walkthrough for Completing the Quest

Get insider tips to ace the OSRS Hand in the Sand quest. This comprehensive guide offers step-by-step walkthrough, strategies, and winning insights.

Embarking on the “OSRS Hand in the Sand” quest? Well, you’re in for a fun-filled adventure, and we have gathered all the essential details for you in this guide. Cue the suspenseful music as you navigate through every twist and turn of this epic journey.

Designed to arm you with useful insights, strategies, and tips you need to complete the quest and prepare for an exciting ride successfully. So, buckle up and start with the “OSRS Hand in the Sand Quest Guide: Walkthrough for Completing the Quest.”

Essential Details of Hand in the Sand Quest

Welcome to the exciting world of the Hand in the Sand quest. This adventurous journey will engage you in an intriguing storyline while honing your strategic problem-solving skills.

Overview of the Quest

The Hand in the Sand quest will immerse you in an enchanting tale of discovery, mystery, and relentless pursuit. Here, you embark on a mission to aid Bert, a distressed sand worker from Yanille, who stumbles upon an ominous discovery that carries catastrophic potential. Your central task comprises unveiling the mystery tied to a sandy hand that unpredictably emerges in Bert’s delivery box, all the while striving to prevent the impending doom.

Starting Location

You initiate this quest in Yanille. Find Bert in his sandpit on the west side of the town and chat with him. He describes the thrilling journey that the Hand in the Sand quest encapsulates.

Official Difficulty Level

The Hand in the Sand quest has an ‘Intermediate’ difficulty, making it moderately challenging. You need to have excellent analytical thinking and a knack for decision-making to solve the multifaceted puzzles and riddles that the quest entails.

Required Skills for the Quest

You need certain specific skills to undertake this quest. It requires a minimum level of 17 in Thieving and 49 in Crafting. Besides, your combat skills must be polished as you engage in intense monster fights.

Required Items for the Quest

Collect several items before you embark on the Hand in the Sand quest. These include a bucket of sand, a beer glass, pink dye, a lantern lens, a white berry, a red berry, and 5 earth runes.

Getting Started

Interaction with Bert

Start by a conversation with Bert in Yanille. He will confide in you about a bizarre phenomenon. A weird sandy hand has been emerging in his sandboxes, which is causing all his alarm and distress.

Receiving the Mysterious Package

Bert will hand over a mysterious box to you, requesting you to help solve the enigma tied to it. Accept the box, and your quest begins.

The task from the Wizard

Upon scrutinizing the questionable box, you realize that you need assistance to understand its contents and nature. This revelation leads you to the wizard’s tower, where the wizard Zavistic Rarve resides.

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Visiting the Wizard’s Tower

Locating the Tower

Make your way to the Wizard’s Tower south of Draynor Village. Remember that the tower is home to many wizards, so ensure you come prepared for any encounters.

Conversation with Zavistic Rarve

In the wizard’s tower, look for Zavistic Rarve. He is the wizard in green with whom you will converse about the perplexing box Bert has handed you.

Learning about the Mysterious Package

Zavistic Rarve will examine the package and explain to you that it has been sent by the Hand in the Sand, a secret order. Bewildered, your curiosity is further heightened, encouraging you to learn more about this peculiar organization.

Search for the Sandy Hand

Navigation to the Yanille Watchtower

Now that you know the Order’s existence, you decide to dig deeper and head towards the Yanille Watchtower. Here, you hope to uncover more about the Hand in the Sand.

Interacting with Zavistic Rarve

Meet Zavistic Rarve again at the Yanille Watchtower. Herein, you share your findings with him, and collectively, you engage in an attempt to unearth the sandy hand.

Discovering the Sandy Hand

Your efforts bear fruits when you eventually discover the sandy hand. This discovery brings you one step closer to untangling the web of mysteries linked to the Hand in the Sand order.

Return to Zavistic Rarve

Journey Back to the Wizard’s Tower

Once you make the intriguing discovery, return to the Wizard’s Tower to meet with Zavistic Rarve again and discuss your findings.

Discussion with Zavistic Rarve

On reaching the tower, engage in a conversation with Zavistic Rarve. You share the details about your recent accomplishment and gain insights and advice on your next steps.

Receiving New Task

Zavistic Rarve confides in you about other tasks that need completion. He entrusts you with yet another mission – obtaining a key from Bert.

Getting the Key from Bert

Bert’s Location

Now, return to Bert’s location in Yanille. He holds the key to the mysterious chest that you require.

Conversation with Bert

Upon arrival, have a conversation with Bert, explaining your task. Your honest communication convinces Bert to hand over the key to you.

Receiving the Key

Receive the key from Bert and prepare yourself for the next stage of your adventure, unveiling the secrets of the mysterious chest.

Unveiling the Mysterious Chest

Finding the Chest

With the key in hand, your next task is to locate the enigmatic chest. Once you find the chest, you’re a step closer to uncovering the secrets it holds.

Using the Key

Use the key obtained from Bert to unlock the chest, revealing what’s inside. The anticipation escalates as you’re on the brink of discovering something potentially critical.

Discovering the Book

Upon unlocking the chest, you discover a book. Known as the ‘Book of Sand,’ it could hold essential clues needed to complete your quest.

Understanding the Book of Sand

Reading the Book of Sand

Take your time to go through the mysterious ‘Book of Sand’ in detail, absorbing all the information it offers.

Interpreting the Information

Next, interpret the information collected from the book. It might appear confusing initially, but remember, every revelation brings you closer to solving the quest’s mystery.

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Destruction of the Giant Sandcastle

Journey to Brimhaven

Once you decipher the Book of Sand’s crucial information, start your journey towards Brimhaven. Here, you will encounter another intriguing puzzle – a giant sandcastle.

Location of the Sandcastle

Upon your arrival in Brimhaven, you locate the enormous sandcastle. It’s a sight to behold but remember, it’s not here for amusement; it holds a part of your quest.

Destruction Process

Here comes the thrilling part – you need to destroy the giant sandcastle. But don’t worry, in the process, you will unveil more clues that will help you move forward in your mission.

Completion of the Quest

Return to Wizard

Once you’ve successfully destroyed the sandcastle and collected all the clues, head back to the Wizard to deliver the information.

Claim the Rewards

Upon your return, the Wizard commends your exceptional bravery, intelligence, and persistent efforts. You’re bestowed with rich rewards for your successful completion of the quest.

Post-Quest Implications

Completing the Hand in the Sand quest gives you a great sense of accomplishment. It enhances problem-solving skills and rewards you with an enthralling, memorable gaming experience. Though the quest is over, its impact on your gaming journey is significant.

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