RAID Shadow Legends Promo Codes June 2024: Free Silver, XP Boosts

Looking for RAID Shadow Legends promo codes? Unlock free silver and XP boosts in our latest article. Enhance your gameplay and dominate the battlefield now!

Are you ready to take your gaming experience to the next level? Look no further because we have some exciting news for you! In this month’s edition of RAID Shadow Legends Promo Codes, we are thrilled to present you with an exclusive opportunity to unlock free silver and XP boosts.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey, these valuable rewards will undoubtedly enhance your gameplay. Join us as we reveal the latest promo codes that will give you an edge in the world of RAID Shadow Legends.

Get ready to conquer new challenges, level up faster, and dominate the battlefield like never before! 

How to Obtain Promo Codes

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Official Social Media Accounts

One of the primary sources of promo codes for RAID Shadow Legends is the official social media accounts. The developers regularly post promo codes on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Players can follow these accounts and stay updated with the latest codes and giveaways.

Community Forums and Websites

Another way to find promo codes for RAID Shadow Legends is by checking out community forums and websites dedicated to the game. These platforms often have threads or articles where players share the latest codes they have found. By actively participating in these communities, players can discover new codes and contribute by sharing codes they have encountered.

In-Game Events

Promo codes are sometimes released as part of in-game events within RAID Shadow Legends. These events can be special occasions like holidays or game anniversaries. During these events, players may receive promo codes as rewards for completing specific tasks or participating in event-related activities. It is important for players to keep an eye out for these events and take advantage of the promo codes offered.

Partnerships and Collaborations

RAID Shadow Legends occasionally partners with other companies or individuals to create special promo codes. These partnerships can range from collaborations with popular YouTubers or streamers to tie-ins with other games or movies. Players can find these codes by following the announcements made by RAID Shadow Legends or by staying connected with the game’s community and official channels.

June 2024 Promo Codes

Promo CodeRewardsStatus
SUPERPOWERSDeacon Armstrong, 1 Epic Book, 200,000 Silver, 24 Magic XP Brews (New accounts only) (Plarium Play only)Active
GETDELIANA23Deliana, 15x superior Force pots, 15x Force Brews, 30k Silver (New accounts only)Active
LADYQUNLady Qullen, Silver (New accounts only) (iOS and Android only)Active
POWERSTARTEREnergy, Talia, Silver (New accounts only)Active
LUCKYRAIDChonoru, 300,000 Silver (New accounts only)Active
MORDECAIMordecai (New accounts only) (Android only)Active
UDKBDAY1x Rank 5 Chicken, 25x Force BrewsExpired
subscribemidgame2x 50 Multi Battles, 3 Rank 3 Chicken, 1 Rare Skill Tome, XP Boost for 3 days, 2 Energy Refills, 200K SilverExpired
UNITED (iOS only)1 Energy Refill, 1 Epic Skill Tome, 150K SilverExpired
AMBITION (iOS only)20 Force XP Brew, 20 Void XP Brew, 150K SilverExpired
REVENGE (iOS only)1 Energy Refill, 1 Epic Skill Tome, 100K SilverExpired
ARTIFACT (iOS only)50 Multi Battles, 3 Energy Refills, 100% XP Boost for three days, 150K SilverExpired
INFESTED (iOS only)5 Energy Refills, 50 Multi Battles, 300K SilverExpired
DESTINY (iOS only)1 Energy Refill, 1 Epic Skill Tome, 100K SilverExpired
HARMONY (iOS only)50 Multi Battles, 3 Energy Refills, 100% XP Boost for three days, 150K SilverExpired
BETRAYAL (iOS only)20 Spirit XP Brew, 20 Magic XP Brew, 150K SilverExpired
ARBITER (iOS only)3 Full Energy Refills, 100% XP Boost for three daysExpired
CHOICE (iOS only)3 Energy Refills, 50 Multi-Battle Attempts, 100% XP BoostExpired
GAMESGEEKSSPRING1 Energy Refill, 200,000 Silver, 1 Greater Spirit Potion, 1 Greater Arcane Potion, 1 Greater Void Potion, 1 Greater Force PotionExpired
Demolish1 Energy Refill, 300,000 Silver, 1 Day XP Boost, 50 Multi-Battle AttemptsExpired
DragonEgg1 Energy Refill, 100,000 Silver, 50 Multi-Battle AttemptsExpired
PAYPALRAID2023Sanctum Protector, 5 Spirit Brews, 100,000 Silver, 1 day XP Boost, 1 Energy RefillExpired
FIRESTARTERFree RewardsExpired
SHADOWRAIDFree RewardsExpired
MIDGAME2023SEDUCERFree RewardsExpired
MIDGAME23GISCARDFree RewardsExpired
DASPIEL23CHONORUFree RewardsExpired
midgame23win2 Energy Refills, 200,000 Silver, 100 Multi-Battle AttemptsExpired
LookBehindYou3 Energy Refills, 3 Day XP Boost, 50 Multi-Battle Attempts x2, 250,000 SilverExpired
skeletoncrewforever3 Energy Refills, 2 Arena Refills, 1 Day XP Boost, 50 Multi-Battle AttemptsExpired
raidtwitchcon225 Energy Refills, 1 Day XP Boost, 10 Random Brews, 100 Multi-Battle Attempts, 1 Million SilverExpired
PlariumPlay3 (PC only)R5 Chicken, 500 Energy, 1 Million Silver, 3 x 50 Multi-Battle AttemptsExpired
BREWMAIDEN15 Brews per typeExpired
DKRISES50x Force XP Brews / 5x Greater Arcane Potions / 500,000 Silver / 10x Superior Arcane Potions / 15x Superior Force Potions /Expired
DKskeletoncrew1x Common Deathknight / 3x 2 -star Chickens / 3x 3-star Chickens / 40x Magic XP Brews / 300,000 SilverExpired
RETURN50x Multi Battle Attempts XP boost for 7 days & 999 energyExpired
PCRAID2022– (New account only)Expired
Raid22ya2100,000 Silver, 10x of each Brew (New accounts only)Expired
GETUDKUltimate Deathknight, 20 Force XP Brews, 20 Greater Potion (New accounts only)Expired
RETURN50 Multi Battle attempts, 7 days XP boost, 999 energyExpired
YTPCOFFER22500,000 Silver, 3 Multi Battle, 1 3-day XP boost, and 6 Energy Potions (Only available for new accounts)Expired
MYDELIANAEnough XP brews to max Deliana’s level after claiming the new Champion (Only for new accounts)Expired
13YEARSPLARIUM3 Days XP Boost, 50x Multi Battle Attempts, 100 Energy, 30 random brewsExpired
3YEARSRAID??? (Only for new accounts)Expired
GatorRandom free rewards (Only available for new accounts)Expired
RAIDGOODIESRandom free rewards (Only available for new accounts)Expired
PCRAID2022XP, Energy Refills, and moreExpired
KRISKMAS21XP, Energy Refills, and more (Only available for new accounts)Expired
RAIDXMAS21XP, Energy Refills, and more (Only available for new accounts)Expired
TGASALEUnlock Fayne – Epic champion, 200,000 Silver, 60 Gems, Epic Skill Tome, 10 Greater Spirit Potion, and 15 Arcane PotionsExpired
S1MPLE350,000 Silver, 3-Day XP Boost, 4 Energy Refills, and 20 Magic XP BrewsExpired
TGA2021XP, Energy Refills, and more (Only available for new accounts)Expired
realhell500 Energy, 1 Million Silver, 2 Epic Book, and 50 AutobattlesExpired
SPOOKY13Random free rewardsExpired
MURDERGIFT500,000 Silver, 6 Energy Potions, 3-day XP boost, and 3 Multi BattleExpired
gift1Arena tokens, Energy Refills, and moreExpired
ESLPRO3 potions and 3 books (Only available for new accounts)Expired
NINJA500,000 Silver, 3 Multi Battle, 3-day XP boost, and 6 Energy PotionsExpired
gullibleRandom free rewardsExpired

Current Month Codes

RAID Shadow Legends releases new promo codes for players to redeem each month. These codes often provide exclusive rewards only available for a limited time. Players should stay updated with the latest codes by checking the official social media accounts, community forums, and websites mentioned earlier in this article.

Previous Month Codes

Although the current month’s promo codes are the most sought-after, players should remember to check for any unexpired codes from the previous month. Sometimes, these codes may still be valid even after the month has passed. By searching for these codes, players can discover additional rewards they might have missed.

Redemption Process

RAID Shadow Legends Enter Promo code

Step 1: Launch RAID Shadow Legends

Launch the RAID Shadow Legends game on your mobile device to begin the redemption process. Only by accessing the game can you proceed with redeeming the promo codes.

Step 2: Access the Promo Code Redemption Page

Once you have launched the game, navigate to the promo code redemption page. This can typically be found within the game’s settings or options menu. Look for a section dedicated explicitly to entering promo codes.

Step 3: Enter the Promo Code

On the promo code redemption page, you will see a text field where you can enter the promo code. Carefully type in the code exactly as it is provided, ensuring there are no spaces or typos. Then, click or tap the “Submit” or “Redeem” button to proceed.

Step 4: Enjoy the Rewards

After successfully entering the promo code, you will receive a confirmation message stating that the code has been redeemed. The rewards associated with the code will then be credited to your account. Enjoy your new rewards and make the most of them in your gameplay!

Types of Rewards

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Free Silver

Free silver is one of the expected rewards players can receive through promo codes. Silver is a valuable in-game currency used to upgrade and level up various aspects of the game, such as characters, equipment, and buildings. By redeeming promo codes, players can obtain additional silver to help them progress in RAID Shadow Legends.

XP Boosts

XP boosts are another type of reward that players can obtain through promo codes. These boosts increase players’ experience points from battles and other activities within the game. By utilizing XP boosts, players can level up their characters more quickly, improving their abilities and unlocking new features.

Exclusive Champions

Promo codes also sometimes offer exclusive champion rewards. These champions are powerful characters that can join your team and aid you in battle. Obtaining exclusive champions through promo codes allows players to add unique and rare characters to their roster, enhancing their strategy and combat capabilities.

In-Game Items

In addition to silver, XP boosts, and champions, promo codes can provide players with various in-game items. These items range from consumables that grant temporary boosts or healing effects to rare equipment and artifacts that enhance characters’ stats. Collecting and utilizing these items can significantly benefit players in their quests and battles.

Duration and Expiry of Promo Codes

Monthly Codes Expiry

The promo codes released each month in RAID Shadow Legends usually have an expiration date. Players should take note of this expiration date and make sure to redeem the codes before they expire. Promo codes not redeemed before the specified date will become invalid and can no longer be used to claim rewards.

Limited-Time Codes Expiry

In addition to monthly promo codes, RAID Shadow Legends occasionally releases limited-time codes that are only available for a short period. These codes may be tied to specific events or promotions and usually have a shorter expiration date than the monthly codes. Players should be vigilant in redeeming these codes before they expire to maximize their benefits.

RAID Shadow Legends Promo Codes Terms and Conditions

Country Restrictions

It is important to note that promo codes may have country restrictions. Some codes may only be valid for specific countries or regions, and players from other locations might be unable to redeem them. Players should verify their eligibility for promo code redemption based on their respective countries’ restrictions.

Account Limitations

While promo codes are a great way to enhance your gaming experience, there may be limitations on how many times a code can be redeemed per account. Some codes may have a one-time use restriction, meaning they can only be redeemed once on a single account. Players should be aware of these limitations and use their codes wisely.

Code Validity

Ensuring that the promo codes you are attempting to redeem are still valid is important. Some codes may have a limited number of uses available, and once all the uses have been exhausted, the code becomes invalid. Players should always check the validity of the codes before attempting to redeem them to avoid disappointment.

Tips for Maximizing Promo Codes

Stay Updated

To make the most of promo codes, staying updated with the latest codes and announcements is crucial. By regularly checking the official social media accounts, community forums, and websites associated with RAID Shadow Legends, players can ensure they are aware of any new promo codes and redeem them promptly.

Participate in In-Game Events

Taking an active part in in-game events is an excellent way to obtain promo codes. RAID Shadow Legends often releases codes as rewards for completing specific event tasks or participating in event-related activities. By participating in these events, players can accrue more promo codes and enjoy rewards.

Engage with the Community

Engaging with the RAID Shadow Legends community can be beneficial in discovering new codes and maximizing your rewards. Players can exchange information and share codes they have found by participating in community forums, discussions, and social media groups.

This engagement can lead to discovering additional promo codes and create a sense of community among players.

What are Promo Codes?


Promo codes are special codes that players can use in the popular mobile game RAID Shadow Legends to redeem rewards such as free silver, XP boosts, exclusive champions, and in-game items. The game developers release these codes, which players can use to enhance their gaming experience and progress.


The purpose of promo codes in RAID Shadow Legends is to provide players with additional perks and rewards that they can enjoy while playing the game. These codes allow players to gain resources, enhance their characters, and progress in the game more quickly. Promo codes serve as a way for the game developers to engage with their player base and reward them for their loyalty and support.


Promo codes in RAID Shadow Legends are a valuable resource for players to enhance their gameplay and gain additional rewards. Players can unlock various perks such as free silver, XP boosts, exclusive champions, and in-game items by staying informed about the latest codes through official social media accounts, community forums, and websites.

Following the redemption process outlined in this article, players can easily claim their rewards and enjoy the benefits of the promo codes. Remember to check for monthly and limited-time codes, be aware of terms and conditions, and stay engaged with the community to maximize your promo code experience in RAID Shadow Legends!

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