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Song of the Elves OSRS Guide: Comprehensive Game Walkthrough and Tips

Dive into our detailed guide on “Song of the Elves OSRS,” offering a comprehensive walkthrough and tips to successfully explore the mythical lands of Prifddinas.

Stepping into the expansive world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you will stumble upon exciting challenges and powerful foes. One such quest that’s sure to indulge your adventurous spirit is the “Song of the Elves.”

This comprehensive guide is here to ease your journey through the treacherous Elven kingdom of Prifddinas, offering you a step-by-step walkthrough and pro tips to ensure your success. So, buckle up for a grand adventure with the “Song of the Elves OSRS Guide: Comprehensive Game Walkthrough and Tips.”

Quest Overview

Welcome to the vast and exciting world of Song of the Elves OSRS. This friendly guide takes you through the ins and outs of this epic adventure set in the mythical lands of Prifddinas and Mourner’s Headquarters.

Prerequisites and requirements

Now, before diving into the quest, there are several requirements you’ll need to meet. Ensure you have at least level 70 in Construction, Mining, Smithing, and Farming, plus level 60 in Herblore and level 50 in Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged. You should also have completed several other quests listed in the ‘Completed Quests’ list.

Quest point benefits

The Song of the Elves rewards you handsomely with several benefits and rewards. Once you complete the quest, you will receive two Quest Points, plus a significant boost to your agility, herbore, woodcutting, and mining experience.

Attack and defense tactics

For attack and defense throughout the quest, it’s recommended to have a combination of Melee and Ranged gears. Having stamina potions will also be beneficial as there will be a lot of running around.

Initial Preparations

Before starting your epic journey, take time to prepare accordingly from the items to kick-start your quest to banking materials and recommended battle items.

Items needed at the start

Firstly, ensure you have the Mourner gear, a death talisman or crystal, a chisel, rope, teleport methods, and food for healing.

Recommended items for battles

When going into battles, it’s highly recommended to bring along prayer potions, stamina potions, adamant or rune arrows, swamp tar, and, of course, food for healing.

Banking and supplies

It’s necessary to handle banking and supplies efficiently. Always remember to keep enough food and potions in your banking and have an emergency teleport just in case.

Starting the Quest

Getting your quest started doesn’t need to be a frantic ordeal. Follow these easy steps, and you will be out on your adventure in no time.

Quest starting point

Your quest starts in Ardougne. Speak to Edmond in the northwest part of Ardougne and start your journey from there.

NPCs to talk to

Remember to talk to NPCs; many provide useful information. During the quest, you must talk to Edmond, Armour, Lord Iorwerth, and several others.

Vital early-game moves

In the early game, it’s important to remain focused and attentive. Use your clues, speak to NPCs, and remember to think proactively to prepare for the battles and challenges ahead.

Navigating Prifddinas

Prifddinas is a city like no other. Understanding the city’s layout and landmarks is crucial to advancing your journey.

Map and layout

Conceptualize Prifddinas as a circle divided into eight sectors, each with unique functionality. The city’s center houses the Tower of Voices, a pivotal landmark during the quest.

Key locations in Prifddinas

In Prifddinas, some key places to remember include the eight clans’ houses, the central square, the Prifddinas Waterfall, and the Grand Library.

Navigating through the city

Remember that Prifddinas can be approached from the east or west, depending on the task at hand. By taking the time to understand the city’s layout, you can save time and unnecessary detours.

song of the elves 2

Navigating Mourner’s Headquarters

This is where the game gets interesting. The Mourner’s Headquarters is a tricky place to navigate, but don’t worry; you got this!

Location and entry point

The Mourner’s Headquarters is located in the north-east corner of West Ardougne. You can gain entry by wearing a full Mourner outfit.

Room layout

The headquarters are composed of several rooms, each with its purpose. You’ll encounter the torture room, the prison, the crevice room, and many others.

Strategies to avoid getting caught

To avoid getting caught, always stay alert and vigilant. Never rush, and take your time exploring each room.

Light Puzzle Challenge

This puzzling challenge requires finesse and creativity, but fear not; it’s more fun than it sounds!

The concept of the puzzle

The light puzzle involves using mirrors to direct light from one point to another. Your job is to correctly align the mirrors to solve this light labyrinth.

Steps to solving the puzzle

The puzzle requires patience and some trial and error. Remember to use your chisel on the mirrors to rotate them and always keep track of where the light is being reflected.

Mistakes to avoid

The most common mistake is losing track of the light direction. Always double-check your path, correct any misplacements promptly, and don’t rush.

Battles and Bosses

Every thrilling quest comes with battles, and Song of the Elves is no different. But don’t sweat it, here’s what you should know.

Early game battles

Early battles require judicious use of melee and ranged combat. Equipping yourself with prayer potions, food, and a strong melee weapon is the key to winning these rounds.

Mid game battles

The mid-game battles feature stronger opponents, but maintaining the use of melee and ranged combat and strategic use of potions and food can help you deal with them.

End-game battles and bosses

The end-game battles test your combat prowess. Many of the end-game bosses have powerful attacks. Equip the best gear and stock up on plenty of healing food and potions. And remember, perseverance goes a long way.

Finishing the Quest

You’re in the advanced stage! Keep your momentum going, and the grand finish will be in sight!

Final tasks

The final tasks involve speaking to several NPCs, revisiting some locations, solving puzzles, and eventually confronting the villain Mourner.

Returning to Ardougne

After these tasks, return to Ardougne, report to King Lathas about the tasks completed, and wait for the exciting epilogue.

Claiming your rewards

Upon completion, you’ll be generously rewarded. Remember to claim your rewards, which include a significant amount of experience points, new quests, access to new areas, and other quest rewards.

song of the elves 3

Post-Quest Activities

After all the hard work, here come the returns. You are now granted access to new lands and opportunities.

Newly unlocked areas

Completing the quest opens up new areas for you, including Prifddinas, access to new advanced training spots, and farming patches.

Follow up quests

After this quest, several follow-up quests and mini-games become accessible. These can help you increase your levels and earn you more rewards.

Activities to do post-quest

There are various activities to participate in after the quest, such as talking to co-players, embarking on new quests, and exploring greater parts of the map.

Tips and Strategies

Finally, some pointers to aid you throughout the quest. Let’s go through them one by one.

Strategies for combat

Remember to always keep a balanced inventory of food and potions and decide wisely between melee and ranged combat.

Tips for quick completion

Teleports are your time-saving friends. Use them wisely to skip long routes and save time for battles and challenges.

Hidden secrets within the quest

Keep an eye on suspicious cracks, tiny details, and hints given by NPCs. Song of the Elves is filled with secrets and Easter eggs. Uncovering them can make your experience all the more rewarding and fun.

In conclusion, Song of The Elves OSRS is an adventure that promises challenge, thrill, and fun equally. Hopefully, this guide throws light on the quest’s intricacies and creates an enthusiastic affirmation within you for the journey ahead! Happy questing!

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