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OSRS Thieving Guide: The Fastest 1-99 Route for Skill Mastery

Learn to master the Thieving skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) with our detailed guide, “OSRS Thieving Guide: Fastest 1-99 Route for Skill Mastery”.

Have you always wanted to master the Thieving skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)? Well, you are in luck! This guide, “OSRS Thieving Guide: The Fastest 1-99 Route for Skill Mastery,” is here to aid your quest.

Filled with insights and strategic tips, it provides you with an easy-to-follow route from level 1 to 99, promising to significantly shorten your journey towards becoming a Thieving master.

So, prepare to empower your OSRS character, elevate your game, and become an unrivaled thief in the land of Gielinor!

Understanding the Thieving Skill

Definition of Thieving Skill

If you’re an adventurer in the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the thieving skill is your gateway to stealth and cunning. It’s the art of stealing from shops, stalls, and even people. You, as a player, employ your dexterity and agility to pilfer without detection. It’s not just about picking pockets; it involves cracking safes, looting chests, and even large-scale capers in the form of pyramid plunders.

Importance of the Thieving Skill

So, why exactly is this skill so vital? Well, having a high thieving level opens up several possibilities, from quest requirements to a steady income stream. It’s a crucial skill for certain quests, and a high thieving level could potentially save you a lot of time during these missions. Additionally, thieving provides you with an indirect combat advantage as you can steal food, potions, and items that bolster your fighting abilities.

General Notes on the Thieving Skill

Just remember that thieving does come with its risks. Thieving in crowded areas may lead to you getting stunned if caught, which could cause some minor damage. Moreover, as with all skills, leveling this skill requires practice and patience. Don’t be disheartened if progress feels slow or if you get caught every now and then. With guts, persistence, and some strategy, you’ll be swiping loot like a pro in no time!

Preparation for Leveling Thieving

Choosing your Equipment

Getting ready to level your thieving involves having the right gear. You don’t need to be heavily armed or armored for thieving. In fact, the less conspicuous you look, the better! Lightweight gear like rogue equipment can aid your endeavors, as they offer a chance to double your loot when pickpocketing.

Optimal Inventory Setup

As for your inventory, bring along food for healing when you’re detected and stunned. You might also want to bring stamina potions to maintain your energy levels because thieving is a very run-intensive activity.

Crucial Quests for Thieving Experience

Completing certain quests can quickly boost your thieving levels. Some include “Fight Arena,” “The Feud,” and “Biohazard.” These quests provide not merely XP but also introduce you to various thieving methods, thereby making your leveling journey even more exciting.

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Fastest 1-10 Thieving Leveling Guide

Starting with Men and Women

Begin your thieving journey by pickpocketing men and women around Lumbridge. It’s a simple and safe start, and it’s optimal for the initial levels.

Collecting Tea from Tea Stall

Next, head to the tea stall in Varrock. The stall owner is not aggressive, making it a great option. Every successful tea steal gives 16 XP, and you can always drop or drink the tea for inventory space.

Stealing from Cake Stalls

Finally, you can progress by stealing from the cake stalls in Ardougne. Cakes provide better XP, and you’ll level up rather quickly. Reach level 10, and you’re ready for the next stage!

Leveling to 20: Thieving from Farmers

Finding Farmers to Steal From

What is your next target? Farmers! You can find these unsuspecting folks in various locations like Ardougne and Lumbridge. They offer a decent 14.5 XP per successful pickpocket.

Selling Loot from Farmers

The loot might not be much, but every bit helps. You’ll acquire various seeds from farmers, which can be sold to the general store or at the Grand Exchange for a profit.

Handling Farmer Combat

But beware! If caught, farmers will attack. Just run some distance away, and they’ll stop. Keep healing at hand, and soon, you’ll be level 20 and ready to achieve more significant targets.

Leveling to 30: Silk Stalls and Ham Members

Finding Silk Stalls

Next in line for your nimble fingers are the silk stalls in Ardougne. You can swipe some silk at 24 XP each, which starts to add up pretty fast.

Stealing from Ham Members

Ham members can also prove to be worth your while. They’re found in the ham hideout, accessible from a trapdoor located just west of the general store in Lumbridge. Ham members can be pickpocketed for various items useful for the beginner explorer.

Selling Silk and Ham Loot

Ham members drop clue scrolls and easy-level equipment, while silk can be sold back to the silk merchant in Ardougne (just make sure he’s forgotten about you nicking from him in the first place!).

Leveling to 40: Master Farmers and Guards

Locating Master Farmers

Master Farmers are a great source of XP and loot. They can be found in various locations, including Draynor Village, Ardougne, and the Farming Guild.

Stealing from Guards

You can also start pickpocketing Guards at this level. They provide a solid 46.8 XP and can be found in almost any major city.

Making Profit from Master Farmers and Guards

Master Farmers can give you many seeds, some of which are quite valuable. Guards, on the other hand, drop up to 40 coins. By reaching level 40, you should have amassed a nice sum of cash through thieving!

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Leveling to 50: Blackjacking Bearded Bandits

Understanding Blackjacking

Upon reaching level 45, you can start employing “Blackjacking” techniques on Bearded Bandits in Pollnivneach. Blackjacking is a faster but riskier method of thieving, involving stunning your victim before looting them.

Locating Bearded Bandits in Pollnivneach

The Bearded Bandits reside in the southern part of Pollnivneach and are identifiable by, well, their beards.

Maximizing XP Rates with Blackjacking

Use a maple or willow blackjack for the task. A successful knockout and steal combo provides impressive XP rates, helping you level up quickly. Make sure you watch your health bar, as unsuccessful attempts will draw their ire and attacks.

Leveling to 60: Blackjacking Menaphite Thugs

Finding Menaphite Thugs in Pollnivneach

Post level 55, switch your focus from Bearded Bandits to Menaphite Thugs. They roam the northern part of Pollnivneach.

Profiting from Blackjacking Menaphite Thugs

You can continue blackjacking these thugs just like the Bearded Bandits. The profit isn’t fantastic, but the experience rates make it worthwhile.

Continuing Skill Progression with Blackjacking

Remember, it may take practice to get the hang of blackjacking, but it’ll pay off in XP gains. Keep your health bar filled, and keep going!

Leveling to 99: Pyramid Plunder and Ardougne Knights

Understanding Pyramid Plunder Mechanics

Once you reach level 61, the thrilling minigame Pyramid Plunder becomes available. This involves looting as much as possible from a pyramid within a time limit. It’s incredibly fun and offers great XP and loot.

Finding Ardougne Knights

Ardougne Knights make for the simplest and most consistent thieving experience past level 55. You can use your thieving cape to make the knights your unsuspecting victims.

Profiting from Pyramid Plunder and Ardougne Knights

While Ardougne Knights provide a steady coin stash as you level up, Pyramid Plunder gives a wide variety of loot, including the coveted Pharaoh’s Sceptre.

Final Thoughts and Additional Tips

Balancing Thieving with Other Skills

While focusing on your thieving levels, don’t forget to balance your other skills. Mix in some combat or crafting time, ensuring you remain a well-rounded adventurer.

Maximizing Profit from Thieving

As you progress, always remember to sell off your loot regularly. Every bit counts in your journey. Some pros suggest organizing your loot by type and selling off in bulk when the market is optimal for specific goods.

Exploring Other Thieving Targets

Once you reach higher levels, you can start thieving from a wider range of NPCs and explore more lucrative targets. Chests, safes, and many other thieving sources await you. So go on, get out there, and thief like you’ve never thought before!

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