Cat Pokemon List in The Official Pokedex

In every generation, cat Pokemon are released and available to their fans. The cats are of different types and regions. When you enter the Pokemon world, you will understand the existence of eight generations, and every cat has different traits and powers.

After some time, every Pokemon appears different due to their advanced version. Like other Pokemon, the cat ones are popular for their distinct powers. If you are also fond of cat Pokemon, you must know different types of cats are available in all the generations of the Pokemon world.

You can explore the list of popular cat-like Pokemon and their detailed information. It is easy to catch them with a Pokeball as you do with other creatures. You must also note how different cat types evolve and gain more power.

1. Absol

It is a third-generation dark-type disaster Pokemon that lives in the mountains and is away from crowded places. Using its unique horn, this creature can detect the possibility of natural disasters. In this region, people blame this cat for causing any disaster. 

When Absol uses the mega stone, it evolves to Mega Absol. It is a more powerful cat compared to other dark creatures. It struggles a lot against insect types. But one can notice their presence in many advanced battles.

2. Delcatty


It is a typical cat Pokemon that belongs to the third generation. This cat looks beautiful due to its purple body and joyful nature. Mostly, it avoids fighting and tries to flee in every situation. 

It becomes most active at dusk, but you cannot see this creature being wild. Evolving, it requires a moonstone. You can call Decatty a weak Pokemon because it cannot fight ghosts. Anyone participating in a battle competition must avoid using this Pokemon.

3. Entei


This pokemon is named after a volcano because of its dog-like features. It is a second-generation fire-type pokemon and is also considered a legendary beast. You can consider it as wild as a lion. In any game, you can easily capture it for once. 

It can fight against type steel, insects, fire, and fairy. But it may struggle when attacked by rocks or water types. It is a favorite choice for many people due to its power and high strength. Many competitive players prefer Entei for winning battles.

4. Espeon


This amazing pokemon was introduced in the second generation. It belongs to the psychic type and hence, the initial Eeveelutions expansion. Generally, it is called the sun creature due to its fantastic call synchronization ability. 

The reaction of the Espeon is quite the same as that of the opponent. It is a strong creature with incredible powers. For advanced battles, you can consider Espeon to give a challenging fight. But like others, Espeon has weaknesses, like insects, ghosts, or other dark Pokemon.

5. Espurr


You can call this sixth-generation pokemon restrained due to its psychic-related powers and type. Due to the keen eye ability, it can minimize the accuracy of all the destroying attacks. It is capable enough to penetrate all the barriers of its opponents by the infiltrator skill. 

One cannot call this Pokemon in challenging battles, but one can consider it for small contests. The weaknesses of this creature are type dark and ghosts.

6. Flareon


It is a fire cat Pokemon that belongs to the first generation. Many people also call it flame. But the cat is quite cool but does not work like its name. One must consider it for something other than fighting battles due to its weak movement and bad basic stats. 

But it is perfect for single-player gaming activities where this creature can hold itself against type bugs, ice, etc. It is weak when attacked by types such as ground, rock, and water.

7. Glaceon


It is a fourth-generation type of ice pokemon, which is also known as Fresh Snow. As mentioned in the untiered list, it could be better to use in competitive battles. You can easily add it to the collection to increase your level and evolve it with the ice-like stone in the eighth generation. 

This creature can tackle ice storms and do HP regeneration during weather changes. It is hard for Glaceon to compete with rock, fire, or steel types.

8. Incineroar


The heel incineroar is a fire-type pokemon that belongs to the seventh generation. The appearance of this creature appears as a wrestler. It can strike the opponent with ferocity, but you can operate them occasionally for advanced battles. 

It will not be your choice if you are a good-level trainer. It can withstand attacks from types such as steel, dark, and ghosts. But it will not survive if attacked by ground and aqua types.

9. Jolteon


It is a first-generation electric Pokemon type. This cat can strike lightning and keep all the opponents away from severe shock. But overall, it is a cool-mind creature, so it is not much used in tier competitions. 

It is perfect to operate in simple gaming activities. It can compete against flying or water types. The unique thing about this creature is the power of volt absorption that helps this creature to use during the fights.

10. Leafeon


You can find this cat Pokemon in the fourth generation as a grass type. You can also call it verdant, and it requires messy rock to enhance your level or evolve it to the eighth generation. 

The opponent can experience high-level grass attacks, and protecting from the sharp leaf-like blades is quite challenging. It can be operated in competitive games but is less preferred. It is a perfect choice if anyone wants to win small or single-player games.

11. Liepard


It is a fifth-generation dark pokemon, which is also known as a cruel cat. This purple-looking cat resists paralysis by using the limber trait. While holding any item, it can move quickly and enhance its speed by unburdening itself. 

You will rarely see this creature battling on competitive grounds. It cannot battle against types such as fairies, bugs, etc. But calling this creature against dark and ghost types is advantageous.

12. Litleo


It is a cute little cat Pokemon that appears like a cub. It is fierce and belongs to the fire and sixth generation. One can use this little cub in small games without considering it for highly-competitive play battles.

It is not a strong Pokemon, so it will not survive any attack from rock or water types. But it is good to go against the grass, fairy, bug, and steel ones. This creature is perfect for getting people’s attention because of its cute little face and body.

13. Luxio


This spark pokemon is quite aggressive as it belongs to the fourth generation and type of electric. It can reduce the opponent’s attack and cause massive damage in return. You can operate this creature in tournaments where non-evolved pokemon are allowed.

If you participate in simple Pokemon games, you can evolve this creature into Luxray Luxio, as it can compete against the ground. But it could be stronger against the electric ones.

14. Meowth


It is a normal pokemon from the starting generation, and one can obtain it by capturing it. The most favorite cat is Meowth, which the team rocket captures. This creature receives variants from steel as well as dark types in all the latest generations.

It is good to keep this cat for simple fights. It can compete with dark and ghosts and struggle when attacked by bugs along with fairies. It would be best to consider this Pokemon for something other than big battles.

The Bottom Line

Cats are famous in the pokemon world. Hence, different types of cats in all generations exist for players. Every cat creature has its traits, weaknesses, as well as strengths. 

Before you capture or evolve them, you must know whether they can compete in small or big battles. Sometimes, capturing decent and normal cats as a companion for the entire Pokemon journey is okay. 

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