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9 Games Like Immortality

Explore 9 exciting games reminiscent of Immortality. Dive into complex narratives, challenging puzzles, and immersive interactive gameplay, taking you on suspenseful adventures in captivating gaming worlds.

Do you have an appetite for complex narratives, cryptic puzzles, and a bit of the surreal? Then you might just find yourself being a fan of Immortality.

Immortality’s captivating narrative adventure, pioneered by Sam Barlow and his team at Half Mermaid, further fuels the intrigue through its innovative use of scattered film clips about the mysterious disappearance of actress Marissa Marcel, captivating players as they gather clues to piece together the truth. If your heart still yearns for more after Immortality, Laughter in the Wind brings you “9 Games Like Immortality” that promise to offer similar ventures, marrying elements of interactive game-play with narrative mystery.

Fasten your seatbelts as we journey through this list of game recommendations that will grab your attention and pull you into their immersive experiences. The selection ranges from the science-fiction-themed Quantum Break to the stunning, puzzle-based The Witness, exploring the variation in how games can integrate film and interactive mechanics to achieve a story-telling masterpiece.

Understanding Immortality

Immortality is an innovative and unique game that challenges players to solve an intriguing mystery while navigating a surreal and captivating in-game world. With its immersive gameplay and unforgettable storytelling, the game has built a dedicated following among those who enjoy high-intensity gaming experiences.

But what exactly makes Immortality so captivating, and how can you find similar games that offer the same level of engagement and challenge?

Concept Behind Immortality Game

At its core, Immortality is an interactive full-motion video game narrative designed by Sam Barlow and his talented team at Half Mermaid. The game revolves around uncovering the truth about actress Marissa Marcel’s three films and her mysterious disappearance. As players sift through scattered movie clips, they piece together clues that lead to revelations about Marissa‚Äôs fate.

Noteworthy Gameplay Mechanics in Immortality

The gameplay in Immortality is relatively straightforward, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the task at hand – uncovering the truth. The key mechanic involves analyzing various film clips, with the player’s understanding of the plot deepening and evolving depending on the order, timing, and context in which they view these snippets.

Platform Availability and Release Date

Immortality may have its roots in traditional game mechanics, but it’s also firmly grounded in the world of modern tech. Boasting compatibility with various platforms and devices, from home consoles to mobile devices, it’s available to a broad audience of gamers worldwide.

Interactive Narrative in Immortality

The narrative in Immortality is more than just a backdrop to the gameplay. It’s integral to the player’s experience, full of suspense, mystery, and meaningful, thought-provoking themes.

1. Quantum Break: A Blend of Gameplay and Film

quantum break

Release Date and Platforms

Quantum Break was released in 2016 and is available across Xbox One and Windows PC.

The genre of Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a science fiction, third-person combat game presented in five acts.

Third-Person Combat and Time Control Mechanic

In Quantum Break, you’ll play Jack Joyce, who has gained the ability to control time following a disastrous experiment. These powers are central to the gameplay, allowing you to manipulate events and situations to your advantage.

Similarity to Immortality in Combining Film and Gameplay

Quantum Break is similar to Immortality in its blend of gameplay and film, with actual movie clips that provide insights into the game’s villains. However, the combination of third-person shooter mechanics and film is a unique twist that sets it distinctly apart.

2. The Witness: A Puzzle of a Game

the witness

Release Date and Platforms

The Witness was released in 2016 and is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and iOS.

Genre of The Witness

Unfolding on a mysterious island, The Witness is a puzzle game that challenges players to solve a series of mazes, with the difficulty level increasing as you progress.

Puzzle and Exploration Mechanics

Just like Immortality, The Witness can be seen as a puzzle in itself, with the exploration of the game world and the solving of its puzzles going hand in hand.

Similarity to Immortality in Puzzle Piece-Led Gameplay

In many ways, The Witness follows the same format as Immortality, with gameplay built around a constant stream of puzzles to be solved by the players.

3. What Remains of Edith Finch: A Story of a Cursed Family

Release Date and Platforms

What Remains of Edith Finch became available to players in 2017 across platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

The genre of What Remains of Edith Finch

This game is a first-person exploration experience set inside the cursed Finch family home.

First-Person Exploration and Storytelling

The game puts you in the shoes of Edith, the last surviving member of the Finch family, who is trying to uncover the truth about her family’s curse. This is done through a series of narrative-driven exploration sequences, some offering unique gameplay mechanics.

Similarity to Immortality in Environmental Storytelling

Immortality and What Remains of Edith Finch share a unique approach to environmental storytelling, utilizing the game world itself to communicate aspects of the story to the player.

4. As Dusk Falls: A Tale of Familial Bond

as dusk falls

Release Date and Platforms

Dusk Falls was launched in 2020 and can be played on Xbox Series X and Series S, as well as on Microsoft Windows.

Genre of As Dusk Falls

Dusk Falls is an interactive, choice-based game that follows the intertwining paths of two families over thirty years.

Interaction-based Gameplay and 2D Art Style

The game forces you to make tough decisions that can dramatically alter the trajectory of the game’s intricate narrative. It also boasts a unique 2D art style that adds to the overall experience.

Similarity to Immortality in Interactive Narrative

Like Immortality, As Dusk Falls uses an interactive narrative to drive the player’s experience.

5. Tell Me Why: An Episodic Mystery Thriller

tell me why

Release Date and Platforms

Released in 2020, Tell Me Why can be found on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

The genre of Tell Me Why

This episodic mystery thriller puts you in the shoes of twins Tyler and Alyson as they uncover dark truths about their past.

Branching Narrative and Memory Unlocking Mechanic

The game implements a branching narrative, where player choices shape the story. It also introduces a unique mechanic where the twins can unlock their shared memories.

Similarity to Immortality in Shared Ability to Unlock Memories

Immortality similarly allows players to unlock deeper aspects of the narrative by piecing together narrative threads from film clips, drawing a parallel with Tell Me Why’s memory-unlocking mechanic.

6. Life Is Strange: A Supernatural Dark Academia Game

life is strange

Release Date and Platforms

Life is Strange was launched in 2015 and is available on PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, Microsoft Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android.

The genre of Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange is a coming-of-age game combining choice-based narrative and supernatural elements.

Time Reversal Mechanic and environment-shifting gameplay

In Life Is Strange, you’ll play Max Caulfield, who can rewind time. This central mechanic can change the game’s environment and impact future events.

Similarity to Immortality in Rewinding Mechanics and Effect on Future

Just like Max in Life Is Strange, players in Immortality can also pause and rewind to explore different outcomes. This adds a layer of depth and complexity to the game, as actions can significantly impact future events.

7. Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition: An Interactive Classic

night trap

Release Date and Platforms

This game got a facelift in 2017 and was re-released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

The genre of Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition

Night Trap is an interactive horror movie blended with gameplay elements, where players use surveillance cameras to trap villains.

Security Camera Surveillance styled Gameplay

In Night Trap, you have to monitor security cameras to protect the inhabitants of a house from vampire-like intruders.

Similarity to Immortality in Neutral Character Observing Full Motion Clips

Like Immortality, Night Trap has players observing full-motion video clips as part of the unfolding narrative.

8. She Sees Red: A Russian Branching Thriller

she sees red

Release Date and Platforms

She Sees Red hit the gaming market in 2019 and is playable on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and iOS devices.

The genre of She Sees Red

This game is a choice-based interactive thriller, marked by its compelling storyline and tense atmosphere.

Thriller Narrative and Binary Choice Mechanic

In She Sees Red, players control the actions of a murder suspect, with the game’s narrative running parallel to the ongoing investigation.

Similarity to Immortality in FMV style

Like Immortality, She Sees Red also features full-motion video-style gameplay and storytelling, presenting a compelling narrative filled with twists.

9. Erica: An Immersive Thriller


Release Date and Platforms

Erica was launched in 2019 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Genre of Erica

Erica is an interactive thriller with the core gameplay mechanics revolving around decisions and their consequences.

Beautiful Blend of Film Footage and Gameplay

Much like Immortality, Erica blends film and gameplay seamlessly, providing an intensely immersive experience.

Similarity to Immortality in First-Person Character Interaction with Objects

In a similar style to Immortality, Erica places you in first-person scenarios where you directly interact with objects located within your environment.

In conclusion, while Immortality stands alone in its unique approach to interactive storytelling and gameplay mechanics, numerous games share elements of its design. By exploring these aptly tailored games, you can extend your adventure in ways that echo the immersive, mystery-driven experience that Immortality offers.

Enjoy delving into these intricate narrative worlds, filled with puzzles, decisions, and intriguing twists.

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