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10 Games Like Live a Live

Discover 10 fantastic games with immersive storytelling, distinctive visuals, and layered mechanics like Live a Live. Find your next gaming obsession here!

If you’re an avid fan of Live A Live, an immersive RPG game once exclusive to Japan and now widely popular in the West, you’re in for a treat.

In this article, you’ll discover 10 other fantastic games that echo the immersive storytelling, diverse characters, distinctive visuals, and layered mechanics that make Live a Live such a classic. Ranging from the strategy-focused Octopath Traveler, the epic Chrono Trigger, and the innovative Undertale to the kingdom-spanning Kingdom Hearts, you’re sure to find your next gaming obsession among these equally entertaining and engaging picks.

Let’s ignite your gaming enthusiasm and embark on new thrilling adventures with these intriguing alternatives to Live a Live.

1. Octopath Traveler


The First Game by Square Enix in HD-2D Style

When you delve into Octopath Traveler, you’ll observe the fascinating HD-2D style that Square Enix debuted with this game. Recreating traditional pixel art with depth and nuance, this distinctive visual approach can be considered a cutting-edge iteration of the 16-bit aesthetics that were so popular during the Super Famicom era. It’s a brilliant fusion of vintage style and modern technology, reminiscent of Live a Live’s visual charm.

The Gaming Experience of Multiple Story Characters

One of the striking elements of Octopath Traveler is how players experience different stories through eight distinct characters. This deeply immersive structure, where each character has a unique narrative, is similar to Live a Live’s concept of multiple characters and storylines. Also, each character possesses unique skills in the gameplay, contributing to an assorted gaming experience.

An Abundance of Inspirations for Other Games

It’s undeniable that Octopath Traveler has left its mark in the gaming landscape, inspiring many developers and future games. Its HD-2D style, multi-story character structure, and intricate gameplay are some influential facets that share a strong affinity with Live a Live and have since become benchmarks for contemporary RPG design.

2. Chrono Trigger

chrono tiger

Squaresoft’s Standout RPG

Chrono Trigger is Squaresoft’s remarkable RPG gem that stands out in engaging players with its unique plot twists and turn-based combat. Its engaging gameplay mechanics and the depth of the character development are evidence of its stronger ties to RPGs that came before it, including Live a Live.

An Expansion of the Initial Live Live Concept

On the surface, Chrono Trigger seems to share basic mechanics with many RPGs, but upon closer examination, it reveals structured dynamics that align closely with Live a Live. The gameplay includes exploring different time periods and presenting an expansion of Live a Live’s concept of diverse storylines spread across different eras.

Unique Feature of Time Travel

What stands out in Chrono Trigger is the introduction of time travel, where gamers can hop between various periods – a unique feature that brings its narratives alive. This aspect echoes the multi-layered storytelling and time-traveling dynamics found in Live a Live.

3. Undertale


Inspired by Games like Earthbound and Live A Live

Undertale has drawn inspiration from many games, and Live a Live certainly stands out amongst them. Undertale mirrors the innovative gameplay dynamics of Live a Live, such as creating quirky characters and delivering narratives that spin-off based on the player’s actions.

Quirky Characters and Branching Narratives

A key highlight of Undertale is its inimitable assortment of offbeat characters and branching narratives. Undertale and Live a Live share this unique trait where gamer’s choices influence the narrative’s direction, making both games immensely engaging.

Standout Music that is Unforgettable

Undertale’s memorable music score is another standout feature that deserves a special mention. The unforgettable tunes of this game share a strong resemblance with Live a Live’s iconic soundtracks, adding to the overall gaming experience.

4. Kingdom Hearts

kingdom hearts 1 & 2

Unlikely Similarities with Live A Live

At first glance, Kingdom Hearts and Live A Live may not seem to share similarities. However, upon delving deeper, you realize Kingdom Hearts journeys through diverse Disney worlds, each carrying unique storylines – a structure that echoes Live a Live’s multiple-story character concept.

Composite Storylines in Diverse Worlds

The intricate design of Kingdom Hearts entails the blending of discrete storylines across diverse worlds. This composite structure of narratives draws inspiration from Live a Live’s concept of numerous story paths, thereby creating a distinctive gaming experience.

The Role of Yoko Shimomura in Both Games

The radiant music in both Kingdom Hearts and Live a Live is the celebrated work of Yoko Shimomura. The fantastic tunes of these games accentuate the rich storytelling and gameplay, contributing significantly to the immersive environments of both games.

5. Triangle Strategy

triangle strategy

Square Enix’s Second Game in HD-2D Style

Riding on the success of Octopath Traveler, Square Enix launched its second game in the HD-2D style – Triangle Strategy. The game, an ode to retro SNES visuals, exhibits a unique visual appeal significantly similar to Live a Live.

Tactical RPG Likened to Live a Live

Triangle Strategy takes on the mantle of being a tactical role-playing game, with intense battlefield situations requiring strategic planning and tactical execution – a gaming experience akin to the battlefield dynamics in Live a Live.

Depth-filled Narratives

The engaging narratives of Triangle Strategy delve deep into wartime politics between various nations, creating deep, engaging stories similar to the depth and range presented in the narratives of Live a Live.

6. Dragon Quest 4: Chapters Of The Chosen

Dragon Quest 4

Dragon Quest’s Surge of Popularity

With Dragon Quest 4, the Dragon Quest franchise reached a new level of popularity. Much like Live a Live, this game is pioneering in the JRPG genre featuring engaging play mechanics and rich narratives.

Pioneer of the JRPG Genre

Dragon Quest was a trailblazer for the JRPG genre. The player’s role in Dragon Quest 4 closely resembles the multiple character roles from Live a Live.

Player Role of Many Characters

Dragon Quest 4 has an interesting structure where players assume the roles of various characters, each with separate adventures. This unique trait, also prevalent in Live a Live, allows players to connect more deeply with individual characters.

7. Secret Of Mana

secret of mana

Charming and Beautiful 16-bit Visuals

Secret Of Mana, an enticing SNES RPG, stuns players with its charming and beautiful 16-bit visuals. These stunning visuals share a passionate connection with the captivating visual artistry in Live a Live.

Action-Focused Gameplay

Secret Of Mana enjoys high praise for its action-focused gameplay. The exhilarating battles and innovative action elements create a thrilling adventure, much like the engrossing action sequences in Live a Live.

The Discrepancies between the Original and PS4 Remake

Despite the impressive action-oriented gameplay and visuals, noticeable discrepancies exist between the original Secret Of Mana and its PS4 remake, unlike Live a Live, which remains consistent across different versions.

8. Mega Man Battle Network


Spin-off From Typical Mega Man Gameplay

Mega Man Battle Network is a notable detour from the typical Mega Man games. The combat mechanics here are strategy-focused and resonate with the strategic gameplay elements in Live a Live.

Strategy-Based Grid System Combat

A striking facet of Mega Man Battle Network is its combat system underpinned by a strategy-based grid system. This unconventional combat style is similar to Live a Live’s grid-based combat.

Shared Combat Similarities with Live a Live

The combat tactics in Mega Man Battle Network mirror the combat strategies employed in Live a Live. The shared combat similarities make both games thrilling for players who love strategic action elements.

9. Legend of Mana

legend of mana

Retained Classic Visual Style

Legend of Mana stays loyal to the old-school classic style, enhancing it to perfection. This dedication to maintaining the vintage aesthetic while concurrently updating it for the modern age brings it in line with the visual direction taken by Live a Live.

Immersive Gameplay and Monster Design

Legend of Mana immerses players with its compelling gameplay and exceptional monster design. These facets of the game provide players with an engaging arena, mirroring the comprehensive combat and intricate character design in Live a Live.

Modern Release Across Various Platforms

Legend of Mana has embraced the philosophy of accessibility, releasing across various modern platforms. This wide platform presence makes it readily accessible to a broad player base, similar to the pervasive platform presence of Live a Live.

10. Golden Sun


A Favorite Among Nintendo Fans

If you ask any seasoned Nintendo fan for a favorite title, Golden Sun is undoubtedly on the list. Its strong characters, compelling narrative, and innovative mechanisms have captured the hearts of many players and share much in common with Live a Live’s strengths.

Innovative Mechanisms and Strong Visuals

Golden Sun is a visual delight with its strong visuals and game mechanics. These innovative elements defy the hardware boundaries of GBA devices and present an immersive gaming experience reminiscent of Live a Live’s aesthetics.

Playable on Retro Consoles and Emulators

Golden Sun maintains an engaging grace note to the legacy of bygone gaming consoles. You can enjoy this gem on retro consoles and emulators and indulge in a nostalgia-triggering experience similar to that of Live a Live.

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