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10 Games Like Pokemon Go

Explore the excitement of AR-based real-world gaming with our list of 10 games similar to Pokemon Go. From battling monsters in the Dragon Quest universe to hunting ghosts in Ghostbusters’ world, enjoy thrilling adventures!

Stepping into the world of Pokemon Go is an exhilarating journey, traversing real-world locations, hunting down fantastical creatures, and dueling with rival trainers. Yet, as invigorating as the world of Pokemon Go is, there also exists an enchanting parade of games that boast similar mechanics and objectives, offering you the same thrill of exploration. Suppose you revel in the excitement of Pokemon Go.

In that case, you’ll surely adore these 10 games that adopt and embrace the unique blend of augmented reality (AR) and mobile gameplay, ranging from battling monsters in the Dragon Quest universe to hunting down ghosts in the world of Ghostbusters. Let’s embark on this tour of alternative AR adventures that hold a soulful echo of the Pokemon Go experience.

Introduction to Pokemon Go

Released in 2016, Pokemon Go brought a worldwide gaming phenomenon entertaining millions of players globally. Characterized by its unique and innovative gameplay mechanics, like utilizing AR technology, real-world exploration, and interactive player communication, Pokemon Go captivated every gamer’s eye.

Catching and training Pokemon has never been more fun and real. But if you’re seeking new adventures similar to Pokemon Go, worry not because we’ve rounded up some of your best options.

1. New Pokemon Snap

new pokemon snap

Release year: 2021

Genre: First-person simulation game

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Similarity to Pokemon Go: Features a wide array of Pokemon and incorporates capturing these creatures in its gameplay

New Pokemon Snap is a first-person simulation game that lets you dive into an immersive Pokemon environment. Launched in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch, it offers a fresh perspective on capturing Pokemon. In the game, Pokemon act in their natural habitats while you preserve these picturesque moments. This game is perfect if you love capturing unique creatures like Pokemon Go.

2. Bugsnax


Release year: 2020

Genre: Adventure game

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, macOS

Similarity to Pokemon Go: Focuses on capturing and collecting unique creatures

Bugsnax is a 2020 adventure game available on multiple platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and macOS. It revolves around the notion of capturing and cataloging unique creatures, reminiscent of Pokemon Go’s core element. As you venture into a one-of-a-kind island teeming with half-food, half-bug creatures, you’ll surely be reminded of the thrill of catching Pokemon in the wild.

3. Zombies, Run!

zombies run

Release year: 2012

Genre: Fitness game and adventure

Platforms: iOS, Android

Similarity to Pokemon Go: Promotes outdoor activity and exploration while immersing in a narrative game

Zombies, Run! is a fitness game fused with adventure elements, first released in 2012. If you love Pokemon Go’s attribute of promoting outdoor activity and exploration, this iOS and Android game is definitely worth your time. With the immersion of a gripping zombie apocalypse narrative, who could resist such an exhilarating run?

4. Geocaching


Release year: 2000

Genre: Outdoor recreational activity game

Platform: iOS, Android

Similarity to Pokemon Go: Both games incorporate real-world exploration using GPS technology

Geocaching, released in 2000, emphasizes outdoor recreation. Available on iOS and Android, this game takes you on a worldwide treasure hunt involving real hidden objects. If you appreciate the GPS-based exploration aspect of Pokemon Go, then Geocaching is a game you’d absolutely enjoy.

5. Ghostbusters World

ghostbusters world

Release year: 2018

Genre: Augmented reality game

Platform: iOS, Android

Similarity to Pokemon Go: Uses AR technology for players to find and capture ghosts in the real world, similar to finding Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Ghostbusters World, released in 2018, uses AR technology on a whole new level. As you explore your surroundings through your iOS or Android phone, you are tasked to catch ghosts from the famous movie franchise. Fans of Pokemon Go’s AR capture mechanic will surely get a kick out of this game.

6. Pokemon Sword and Shield

pokemon sword and shield

Release year: 2019

Genre: Role-playing video game

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Similarity to Pokemon Go: It shares the same core mechanic of catching and training Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield, launched in 2019, takes the familiarity of Pokemon Go to the next level. As a role-playing video game, it brilliantly reimagines the original catching and training Pokemon mechanic. Deeper and broader than the mobile game, this Nintendo Switch title is a must-try for all Pokemon fans.

7. Orna


Release year: 2018

Genre: Role-playing game

Platform: iOS, Android

Similarity to Pokemon Go: Encourages outdoor exploration while engaging in RPG elements like leveling up and battling bosses

Orna, launched in 2018, beautifully blends RPG elements with the charm of real-world exploration. Bringing together the excitement of leveling up, battling bosses, and engaging in various quests, this iOS and Android game offers a fun alternate viewpoint for Pokemon Go fans.

8. Ingress Prime

ingress prime

Release year: 2018

Genre: Augmented reality game

Platform: iOS, Android

Similarity to Pokemon Go: Both games are developed by Niantic, feature real-world exploration, and competitive capture of strategic locations using AR technology

Ingress Prime is another exceptional AR game developed by Niantic—the creator of Pokemon Go. Gameplay involves capturing strategic locations in the real world. Ideal for those seeking a more competitive angle to their outdoor explorations, this game, released in 2018, is available on iOS and Android.

9. Dragon Quest Walk

dragon quest walk

Release year: 2019

Genre: An augmented-reality role-playing game

Platform: iOS, Android

Similarity to Pokemon Go: Utilizes real-world locations and augmented reality to battle monsters and complete quests

Dragon Quest Walk, another splendid blend of AR and RPG, was launched in 2019. Mimicking Pokemon Go’s real-world interaction and AR technology, this iOS and Android game takes you on heroic quests, battling monsters in your locality.

10. Pokemon: Let’s Go

pokemon lets go

Release year: 2018

Genre: Role-playing video game

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Similarity to Pokemon Go: Integrates mechanics of capturing Pokemon similar to Pokemon Go while offering a traditional RPG game experience

Pokemon: Let’s Go, released in 2018, nostalgically reimagines the 1998 game Pokemon Yellow. While delivering a traditional RPG experience on the Nintendo Switch, it perfectly integrates Pokemon Go’s capture mechanics. If you want a taste of classic Pokemon gaming with a delightful twist, this is definitely recommended for you.

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