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Grotesque Guardians OSRS Ranged and Melee Guide

Master the Grotesque Guardians of Old School RuneScape with this comprehensive guide. Learn effective ranged and melee strategies, discover valuable tips, and strategize for battle!

So, you’ve tackled the Old School RuneScape world and are ready to level up your game? An exhilarating challenge awaits you with the Grotesque Guardians – an exciting duo of gargoyle bosses that promise to test your mettle.

This easy-to-follow guide titled “Grotesque Guardians OSRS Ranged and Melee Guide” is set to equip you with all the strategies, tactics, and tips you need, whether you’re a fan of the ranged attack mode or the melee combat style.

So brace yourself to inch closer to the victory you strive for.

Overview of Grotesque Guardians

The Grotesque Guardians are a pair of unique bosses dwelling atop the Slayer Tower. They are the gargoyle bosses in Old School Runescape (OSRS) and have become a challenging yet fun task for players to tackle.

Definition of Grotesque Guardians

The Grotesque Guardians are two bosses, Dusk and Dawn, characterized by their grotesque appearance derived from their stone-like structure and deadly abilities. Dusk, the melee-based boss, is a sturdy and deadly force, and his counterpart Dawn, the ranged boss, uses magical attacks and has healing capabilities.

Understanding their Significance in OSRS

The Grotesque Guardians are a popular choice for many players as they balance profitability and challenge. Battling these bosses offers a generous amount of Slayer XP and a chance to score some rare and valuable drops.

Unlocking the Grotesque Guardians

To unlock the Grotesque Guardians, you must get a gargoyle slayer task and have at least 75 Slayer. You then have to smash a key known as the “Brittle” dropped by Gargoyles to gain access to the Slayer Tower’s roof.

Ranged Strategy for Grotesque Guardians

Setting up your Ranged Equipment

For the best results with Ranged, you’ll want to opt for high DPS (damage per second) gear such as the Armadyl armor set along with the Twisted Bow or the Crossbow for your weapon.

Recommended Ranged Levels

Having at least 80 Ranged for this battle is recommended, though higher levels will certainly make the fight easier.

Understanding Ranged Attack Pattern

Dusk and Dawn will perform various melee, magic, and ranged attacks. As a ranged attacker, you should focus fire on Dawn first while avoiding Dusk during his invincible phase.

Effective Ranged Tactics

Remember to keep your distance and make use of protection prayers. Juggling your attack between the two bosses while using the pillars in the room to avoid taking too much damage is a good tactic.

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Melee Strategy for Grotesque Guardians

Choosing your Melee Gear

For melee, you’ll want high defensive and offensive gear. The Bandos or Dharok’s armor sets are preferred. A Scythe of Vitur or Ghrazi Rapier will be highly effective weapons.

Recommended Melee Levels

A high Melee level is crucial. Before facing the Grotesque Guardians, you should aim to have at least 90 in your Attack, Strength, and Defence.

Understanding Melee Attack Pattern

While in the melee strategy, you will primarily deal with Dusk’s melee attacks. Stay agile to dodge these attacks.

Effective Melee Tactics

As a melee fighter, you should target Dawn by throwing weapons before focusing on Dusk. It’s also crucial to avoid Dusk’s energy spheres.

Character Requirements for Grotesque Guardians

Essential Skills Required

It’s highly recommended to have high combat skills such as Attack, Defence, Strength, and Hitpoints. A high Prayer level is also beneficial for this boss fight.

Minimum Combat Level

A Combat level of 100 or above is suggested before you tackle the Grotesque Guardians.

Key Quests to Complete

No specific quests are required to fight the Grotesque Guardians, but completing quests that give combat experience will be helpful in this intense battle.

Grotesque Guardians Boss Fight Mechanics

Attack Phases of Grotesque Guardians

The Guardians fight in phases. During the first phase, you need to damage Dawn. After that, Dusk will become vulnerable. The third phase involves battling both together.

How to Avoid Special Attacks

Avoiding their attacks involves recognizing their animation changes. Dawn, for example, will launch pink energy spheres that will heal him if they reach him. To counter this, you must stand on these spheres to absorb them.

Effective Methods to Defeat the Grotesque Guardians

Timely use of prayers, good manipulation of the game’s mechanics, strategic use of the space, and quick reaction times are all critical for defeating the Grotesque Guardians.

Suggested Inventory for Grotesque Guardians Battle

Recommended Potions

You should bring along Super Combat or Ranging potions, Prayer potions, and a Stamina potion. A Super Antifire potion can be beneficial against Dawn’s dragonfire attack.

Essential Food Items

High-healing food items like sharks or anglerfish should be included in your inventory.

Useful Supplies Before Battle

Ensure you equip yourself with a few throwing weapons like dragon knives or darts for use against Dawn if you’re following a Melee strategy.

Grotesque Guardians Boss Room Layout

Understanding the Boss Room

The boss room is divided into two main areas. One is centered around Dusk, with an open space at the side. The room’s layout will force you to move around quite a lot to avoid attacks.

Strategic Positioning

The pillars in the room can be used to avoid damage. Positioning is also vital to efficiently absorb the healing spheres launched by Dawn.

Dealing with Environmental Hazards

Avoid standing in the purple energy that Dusk leaves behind after certain attacks, as this could be fatal.

Reward and Drops from Grotesque Guardians

Common Reward Items

The Grotesque Guardians drop various rewards, such as Rune items and gems.

Rare Drops

Rare drops include Black Tourmaline Core and the Granite Hammer. They also drop the Guardian Boots, one of the best strength-boosting boots in the game.

Potential Profit from Grotesque Guardians

The Grotesque Guardians can be quite profitable as the average value from each kill ranges around 30k to 40k coins. However, with rare drops, your earnings could skyrocket.

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Handling Death at the Grotesque Guardians

What Happens When You Die?

You’ll respawn at your spawn point if you die during the boss fight.

Recovering Your Items

Your items will be stored in a grave outside the boss room, and you can recover them without charge.

Strategies to Avoid Death

Retaining high hitpoints throughout the fight, knowledge about the bosses’ attack mechanics, and evasion skills can help you avoid death.

Advanced Tactics for Grotesque Guardians

Overcoming Challenges

Learning to dance between the attacks while retaining focus on the damage output is key to overcoming this boss duo.

Maximizing the Damage

To maximize the damage, use high-level weapons and prayers. Time your powerful attacks right to land them while the bosses are vulnerable.

Efficient Farming Strategies

The best way to farm the Grotesque Guardians involves being methodical, prioritizing survivability over speed, and being patient as you learn their attack patterns.

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