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Discover the secrets of the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) economy with strategies for efficient money-making. Explore profitable skills, trading tips, and more in “AG OSRS Money Making OSRS”.

In “AG OSRS Money Making OSRS,” you’ll explore the exciting world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and discover efficient ways to generate in-game currency. With a rich, dynamic economy, OSRS provides countless opportunities for keen adventurers like yourself to amass wealth.

Moreover, the article will inform you about lucrative strategies, beneficial transactions, and pitfalls to avoid on your journey to financial success in RuneScape. Be prepared to fuel your in-game ambitions with a healthy coin stack.

Understanding the OSRS Economy

Playing Old School RuneScape (OSRS) without understanding the in-game economy is like jumping into an ocean without knowing how to swim. You’ve got to understand the fundamentals, like demand and supply of items and the role of player interactions. It’s a vital part of the game that can make your gameplay experience a balance of challenge and fun.

Basics of the in-game economy

The economy in OSRS revolves around gold coins, which function as the main medium of exchange. Items have a certain value, which changes based on players’ interactions and contributions to the economy. The economy of OSRS is player-driven, meaning that your actions and those of other players determine the value of items in the game.

Demand and supply of items

Like any economy, OSRS’ is driven by the principles of demand and supply. The more players want an item, the higher its value becomes. If an item is rare or tough to obtain, its value generally spikes. Inversely, the value of a common or easily available item usually goes down.

Role of Player Interactions

Player interactions dictate the trends of the OSRS economy. When players trade, sell, or purchase items, they indirectly determine the going rate for those items in the in-game market. This interaction also influences the supply and demand of items in the game, shaping the OSRS economy.

Profitable Skills for Money-making

OSRS offers a variety of skills that you can pick up and hone to earn some serious gold. Some popular and profitable ones include Mining, Farming, Fishing, Crafting, and Smithing.


Mining is one of the primary money-making skills in OSRS. The goal is simple: mine profitable ores, refine them, and sell them for gold.


Farming is another crucial money-making skill. It might require more patience, but the benefits are well worth it. Plant crops, take care of them, then harvest and sell them for a significant profit.


Fishing offers a laid-back way to make gold while enjoying the game. Not every type of fish is worth catching, so you’ll want to focus on the ones that provide the most profit.


Crafting is a versatile skill that involves creating items from raw materials. From jewelry to leather, there are many items to craft and sell for a healthy profit.


Smithing involves refining mined ores into bars and crafting them into valuable armor, tools, and weapons. Mastering this skill can give you a consistent source of income.

money making mining

Mining as a Source of Income

Mining is a foundational skill that can prove to be quite profitable with the right approach. Here’s a brief guide to optimize your mining income.

Choosing profitable ores

Certain ores are more valuable than others. High-level ores like Runite are scarce and always in high demand. They fetch a high price but require a high mining level to extract. On the other hand, ores like Iron can be mined at a low level and are always needed, ensuring a steady income.

Mining locations and their advantages

Your choice of mining location can significantly affect your income. For instance, the Motherlode Mine offers a balanced mix of valuable ores and is accessible to moderately-level players. On the other hand, the Mining Guild offers a greater chance of mining high-value ores but requires a high mining level to enter.

Mining techniques for optimum profits

Profitable mining demands more than just haphazard digging. High-speed mining boosts your income, as can power mining, where you drop low-value ores to mine more valuable ones faster.

Farming for Earnings

Even in a fantasy MMORPG, farming is an honest way of making a decent income. Here’s how to make the most of your hard work on the field.

What crops to sow for maximum profit

To maximize your gains from farming, focus on high-value crops. Herbs like Ranarr Weed and Toadflax are consistently in demand for potion making and fetch a high price.

Farming patches locations

Knowing your farming patches is crucial. Some patches are inaccessible without completing certain quests, while others are located in high-risk areas. Choose your patches wisely to minimize risks and maximize profit.

Understanding farming timing

Farming is not an instant skill. It takes time for your crops to grow, and they have different growing times. Use this to your advantage by planting fast-growing crops when you’re active and slow-growing crops overnight.

Fishing as an Income Stream

Fishing in OSRS can be a peaceful retreat and a lucrative income source if you know what to fish, where, and how.

Profitable types of fish

Fish like Monkfish, Sharks, and Anglerfish fetch quite a hefty price in the market. However, they also require high fishing levels. Lobsters and Swordfish are easier to catch and can still yield reasonable profits.

Ideal fishing locations

The location of your fishing spot affects the type of fish you catch. For instance, you can catch Tuna and Swordfish at the fishing docks in Karamja, whilst Lobsters can be easily found at Catherby Beach.

Fishing techniques for high-yield

Fishing methods also play a big part in your income. Harpooning fishes like Swordfish and Tuna can yield more profit than other methods. It’s also advisable to drop or bank your low-value fish swiftly to maximize your fishing time.

money making gold

Crafting for Gold

Crafting is one OSRS skill that can help you bag some serious gold. Here’s your quick guide to profitable crafting.

Profitable crafting items

Look for items that are in high demand. Crafting items like unstrung symbols, glass items, and jewelry can net you decent sums of gold.

Sources for crafting materials

Your raw materials can come from various sources, such as Mining, Fishing, or Farming. Gathering your own materials can significantly increase your profit margins.

Crafting techniques for maximum profit

Efficiency is key in crafting. For instance, you can craft multiple items at once, or you could ‘power level’ by crafting high-exp items even if they aren’t the most profitable.

Smithing for Profits

Smithing can turn your hard-earned ores into a gold mine. Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing profitable metals

Metals like Steel, Mithril, Adamant, and Runite are always in demand and fetch a pretty penny on the market.

Smithing techniques for higher profits

Efficiency techniques such as using a blast furnace can significantly increase your hourly gold. It lets you smelt your ores using half the usual coal.

Locations for efficient smithing

Smithing locations matter. It’s essential to choose spots close to a bank for quick deposit and withdrawal of items. The Edgeville furnace, for instance, is a popular choice due to its proximity to a bank.

Trading in the Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange (GE) is essentially the stock market of OSRS. Here’s how you can make gold on the GE.

Studying market trends

Watch for price trends of popular items. Websites that offer price tracking can be useful. Timing is everything.

Strategies for buy low and sell high

The golden rule: buy low and sell high. This might involve a little risk, but the payoff can be significant.

Timing for trade

Trade around popular playing times for the most opportunities. Peak playing hours usually mean more items in circulation.

Monsters Hunting for Profit

If skilling isn’t your cup of tea, hunting monsters can offer a change of pace and a decent pile of gold.

Profitable monsters to kill

Monsters like Green Dragons, Gargoyles, and Zulrah drop valuable items, making them profitable to hunt.

Preparing for combat

To efficiently hunt monsters, ensure you are well-prepared. This includes properly leveling your combat skills and having good-quality gear.

Techniques and strategies for efficient hunting

Master combat techniques like Prayer flicking. Efficient hunting means higher profits per hour.

Other Non-Skill-Based Money-Making Methods

OSRS also offers some non-skill-based money-making methods. These methods often involve risk but can lead to great rewards.

Treasure trails

Treasure trails are mini-quests that involve a series of clues leading to a buried treasure. Rewards can be highly valuable and quickly converted into gold.

Dungeons and Raids

Dungeons and raids offer significant rewards, including valuable items and gold. However, they also involve a high risk and require a team of skilled players.

Completing tasks and quests for money

Certain quests and tasks give gold as a reward upon completion. These tasks can range from simple errands to challenging combat missions.

No matter your chosen path, remember that persistence and strategy are key. Soon, you’ll grow your gold stack and be well on your way to OSRS wealth. Happy gaming!

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