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How Do You Use a Bidet: The Ultimate Guide to Modern Bathroom Hygiene

In today’s world of luxury features and comfort-oriented appliances, the bidet stands out as a symbol of hygiene and an environmental ally. Originating in Italian homes, this bathroom fixture has been gradually making its way into American bathrooms. 

Whether you want to achieve optimal anal hygiene or simply reduce your reliance on wet wipes, our comprehensive guide can help. 

So, if you’re considering hopping on the bidet bandwagon or are simply curious about how to use one, you’re in the right place.

Choosing the Right Soap for Your Bidet

Many bidets are positioned next to a sink with soap. While regular soaps can be used, it’s ideal to use a special soap designed for bidets to maintain hygiene without causing irritation.

Types of Bidets:

  • Freestanding Bidets (or the Classic Italian Bidet): These standalone bidets resemble a sink with soap, with some models featuring both rear wash and bum wash options for additional benefits.
  • Bidet Toilet Seats: A step up from the standalone version, they offer both cold and warm auto wash options. They’re popular in countries like South Korea and come with an affordable solution for those seeking a modern touch in their bathrooms.
  • Handheld Bidets or Bidet Sprayers: This type of bidet is attached directly to the water supply and comes equipped with a precise spray valve.
  • Portable Bidets: They allow you to maintain optimal hygiene on the move. Resembling a water bottle, they offer a jet of water when squeezed, making the job of cleaning more convenient.

Modern Washing Techniques:

  • Rear Wash: This is the most common wash option focusing on cleaning the posterior region for improved anal hygiene.
  • Bum Wash: A gentle wash option, ensuring that sensitive areas are cleaned without being harsh.
  • Auto Wash: Some modern bidets have an automatic cleaning cycle, combining rear and bum washes for a complete cleaning experience.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

The job of cleaning a bidet is crucial. Regular cleaning ensures that the bidet remains hygienic. Some modern bidets also offer automatic cleaning features, providing an extra layer of cleanliness without manual intervention.

Benefits of Using a Bidet

Personal Hygiene: Using a stream of water can be more effective than traditional toilet paper, ensuring optimal body hair and body positioning during use. 

Environmental Impact: Bidets reduce the reliance on toilet paper, making them an excellent alternative, especially during toilet paper shortages. 

Health Advantages: Besides promoting optimal hygiene, they help reduce the chance of infections and rashes.

Body Considerations in Bidet Usage

  • Body Hair: Depending on personal grooming habits, body hair can influence the bidet’s efficiency. It’s essential to understand how to optimize usage accordingly.
  • Body Positioning: Proper alignment and positioning over the bidet ensure effective cleaning.

The Downside of Wet Wipes

While many people use wet wipes as an alternative to traditional cleaning methods, they often come with environmental downsides and aren’t as effective. Understanding the numerous benefits of bidets over wet wipes can be a game-changer.

How to Use a Bidet

1. Preparation: Regular cleaning is essential. Before using, ensure the bidet is clean. Some models come with automatic cleaning features.

2. Positioning:

  • Standalone bidets: Sit or squat, adjusting your body positioning over the drain.
  • Bidet seat: Sit comfortably, ensuring your body positioning is correct for the rear or bum wash features.

3. Activation: Depending on the type of bidet, initiate the water flow. Some bidets offer an adjustable spray nozzle for a precise wash. 

4. Drying Off: While some bidets come with built-in air drying features, others might require a maintenance wipe or an alternative drying method.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Experience:

  • Air Drying: Post-cleaning, some bidets offer an air drying feature, eliminating the need for a maintenance wipe.
  • Spray Valve Customization: Bidets with adjustable spray valves provide a tailored experience, adjusting the water flow and direction based on user preference.

Budgeting for Bidets

While bidets are often seen as luxury items, affordable solutions are available in the market. From basic to advanced features, one can choose a model based on budget constraints without compromising on hygiene.

A Splashy Conclusion

As bidets continue to trend in American homes and beyond, the additional benefits they offer are hard to ignore. Whether you’re looking for an environmental alternative to wet wipes or seeking a comprehensive solution to personal hygiene, bidets are the answer. Ready to embrace the numerous benefits of using a bidet? Only time—and perhaps your next bathroom visit—will tell!

FAQs on Using a Bidet

Can I install a bidet attachment to my existing toilet?

Yes, bidet toilet seat attachments or attachable bidets are available that can be fixed to your traditional toilet, enhancing your bathroom experience without the need for a complete overhaul.

Are bidets a hygienic solution?

Absolutely. The adjustable water temperature and pressure settings ensure that you get a thorough clean, making it a healthier option than the dry wipe method with rough toilet paper.

What’s the difference between hot water and cold water settings on a bidet?

Modern bidet seats often come with adjustable water temperature settings. While cold water can be refreshing, especially in hot climates, hot water is soothing and can provide a more comfortable experience. Some models even offer a warm water setting, blending both best.

How do standalone bidets differ from bidet toilet seat attachments?

Standalone bidets are separate fixtures, resembling a basin with water, often found in Italian homes. Bidet toilet seat attachments, on the other hand, are integrated into your existing toilet, turning it into a bidet without requiring a separate unit.

Can I travel with my bidet?

Absolutely! Travel bidets or portable bidet toilets are designed for on-the-go hygiene. They’re compact, easy to use, and perfect for maintaining optimal hygiene even when you’re away from home.

Why is using a bidet recommended after a bowel movement?

A bidet provides thorough cleaning, removing fecal matter efficiently with water. This method is gentler and more hygienic than just toilet paper or wet wipes.

What options do I have if I want a modern touch but don’t want electrical features?

Non-electric bidet seats and freestanding bidets blend modern design and traditional functionality. They rely on the standard water supply without needing any electrical inputs, providing a balance of style and simplicity.

Are there any drying options after using a bidet?

Many modern bidets come with built-in air dryers. However, if your type of bidet toilet doesn’t have this feature, you can opt for a dry wipe using a paper towel, bidet towel, or a cloth towel for a soft finish.

Can you describe the bidet experience with different nozzle options?

Bidets usually come equipped with different nozzle options. A bidet sprayer is handheld and offers more manual control, whereas a bidet nozzle is often adjustable and built into modern bidet seats or bidet toilet seat attachments. They can provide a directed flow for personal hygiene, ensuring an effective cleaning experience.

How do I maintain and clean my bidet, especially the built-in bidet feature?

Bidet usage requires regular cleaning, much like any bathroom appliance. For models with a built-in bidet feature, ensure the nozzle is self-cleaning, and occasionally check for any blockages or build-up. A mild soap and water can be used for the bidet seat and outer areas.

What’s the difference between wall-mounted bidet toilets and freestanding bidets?

Freestanding bidets are individual units separate from the toilet. On the other hand, wall-mounted bidet toilets are fixed to the bathroom wall, offering a modern aesthetic and saving space.

How have bidets evolved in design over the years?

Bidets have come a long way from classic designs in Italian homes. We have modern bidet seats, wall-mounted bidet toilets, and even portable versions. Their functionality has also expanded, with features like heated seats, adjustable nozzles, and warm water settings, enhancing the bidet experience.

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