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OSRS Skills: Master the 5 Fastest Skills to Reach 99 with Training Guides

Discover the 5 fastest skills to master in Old School Runescape (OSRS) with comprehensive training guides and strategies to level up quickly!

From the moment you enter the enchanting world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the allure to master your skills becomes the cornerstone of your virtual journey. The article “OSRS Skills: Master the 5 Fastest Skills to Reach 99 with Training Guides” will equip you with proven strategies and comprehensive training guides to rapidly level your skills.

As you navigate through Gielinor, you’ll discover the fastest skills to reach the coveted 99 level. So prepare yourself for an exciting exploration into the mechanics of OSRS, as this guide promises to enhance your gameplay and push your limits in OSRS skills.

Enjoy a truly rewarding RuneScape experience as you master these skills and climb your way to the top of the leaderboards.

Understanding OSRS Skills

In your journey through Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you’ll come across many unique features that define the game; today, we will discuss OSRS skills. Each player, including you, starts as a fresh novice with no skills. But as they play, they can enhance their abilities, eventually becoming masters in their chosen fields. Let’s dive in.

Basic Introduction to OSRS Skills

OSRS skills are activities that you, as a player, can perform to earn experience points (XP). The more you perform these activities, the higher your skill level becomes. OSRS map is filled with resources and NPC that you can interact with in various ways depending upon your skill level.

The Importance of OSRS Skills

Skills are crucial in OSRS as they facilitate easier gameplay and open new in-game possibilities. You can undertake exciting quests, craft items, and even trade with NPCs to boost your in-game worth. Not only can this make your gaming experience more fulfilling, but it also provides you with a sense of achievement on your OSRS journey.

Main Categories of OSRS Skills

In OSRS, the skills are grouped into two main categories: combat and non-combat skills. Combat skills, as the name suggests, focus on battles and fights, enabling you to improve your efficacy in combat scenarios. On the other hand, non-combat skills encompass activities like mining, farming, and cooking, among others, which you utilize when not fighting.

Fastest OSRS Skills Overview

Becoming proficient in any of the 23 OSRS skills takes time and effort. However, some skills can be mastered relatively quickly, providing quick gains and advantages. Let’s take a closer look at these skills, what defines them as fast, and discuss the role of leveling up.

What Makes a Skill Fast

A fast skill in OSRS is one that requires minimal time to gain XP and level up. It usually needs fewer resources and interactions, which reduces the time spent on a task. Also, these skills often have a more straightforward training process, simplifying your journey to mastery.

The Role of Level Difficulty

Level difficulty also plays a crucial role in determining how quickly you can level up in a given skill. Some OSRS skills have easy early levels but become challenging as you progress, while others maintain a consistent level of difficulty throughout. Identifying these challenges and planning your strategy accordingly helps you enhance your skills faster.

Skill #1: Firemaking


Every skill in OSRS brings its unique advantages, but few can match the speed of firemaking. Mastery in firemaking is quick and easy, adding much value to your OSRS gameplay.

Introduction to Firemaking

Firemaking is a non-combat skill that allows you to create a fire using a tinderbox on logs. Besides earning you experience points, this skill can also be useful for cooking food, illuminating dark areas, and entertaining other players with a well-placed fire.

Training Guide for Firemaking

The first step in training fire-making is gathering logs and a tinderbox. You can buy logs from other players or chop trees using the woodcutting skill. Next, you use a tinderbox on the logs you’ve gathered, creating a fire and gaining fire-making XP, which increases your skill level.

Efficient Tips for Fast Leveling in Firemaking

One of the most effective strategies for leveling up quickly in firemaking is to use better-quality logs as you progress. Initially, you may start with regular logs, but as your level increases, you can use oak, willow, maple, and, eventually, magic logs.

Skill #2: Cooking


Like firemaking, cooking is one of the quickest skills to level up in OSRS. The ability to prepare an array of in-game dishes will certainly spice up your gaming experience.

Basics of Cooking Skill

Cooking in OSRS involves preparing food from raw ingredients using various tools like ranges and fires. The food you prepare can be used to regain hit points during a battle, making it a beneficial skill.

Detailed Training Guide for Cooking

Starting with simple dishes like shrimp, you gradually move up to more complex recipes as your level increases. Initially, you may experience a few burnouts, but as your cooking level increases, your success rate also improves significantly.

Pro Tips for Accelerating the Cooking Level

Use ranges instead of fires to cook whenever possible because they have a lower burn rate. Also, cooking in a place close to a bank minimizes the time spent running back and forth to fetch ingredients.

Skill #3: Fletching


Next up, we have fletching. Though it may not be directly useful in quests like cooking or fire making, the ability to craft your own weaponry certainly has its advantages.

Understanding Fletching

Fletching in OSRS enables you to craft a variety of ranged combat gear. Starting from simple items like arrows and darts, you can eventually create complex items like magic bows.

How to Train Fletching Fast

The most effective way to level up in fletching quickly is by sticking to a specific set of items. For example, creating arrows provides a perfect balance of resource requirements and XP rewards.

Key Strategies for Quick Fletching Level-Ups

Remember to train in a location near a bank to ensure your supply of resources is always close at hand. Also, focus on using the best possible materials for your level to maximize XP gain.

Skill #4: Woodcutting


Woodcutting is a fundamental skill in OSRS that will aid you in your survival, especially if you’re into crafting and fire-making.

What is Woodcutting

As the name suggests, woodcutting involves chopping down various types of trees to collect logs. These logs can be used to create fires, construct items, or even traded for gold.

Fast Track Training Guide in Woodcutting

You start by chopping down regular trees, progressing up to oak, willow, yew, and finally, magic trees as your skill level increases. Using better quality axes when your level allows for it can significantly speed up the woodcutting process.

Important Points to Remember for Fast Woodcutting Leveling

Always aim to cut trees near a bank to save time on inventory trips. Also, as with any other OSRS skill, use the most appropriate tool for your current skill level.

Skill #5: Crafting


Last but certainly not least, we have crafted. This skill allows you to create various items, ranging from simple pottery to majestic dragonhide armor.

Crafting Skill in OSRS

Crafting in OSRS involves creating goods from raw materials. You can make many items, including jewelry, leather items, and even battle staves. While it requires a significant initial investment, this skill can eventually become a significant source of income.

Training Guides For a Fast Crafting Skill

Start by making simple items like leather gloves and boots, and as your level increases, move on to crafting more complex items. Be prepared to invest in many materials, especially if you’re looking at crafting as a primary income skill.

Golden Tips For Boosting Crafting Levels

Choose to craft high-volume, lower-cost items that provide good XP returns per gold spent. It allows you to maximize your profits while also gaining a significant amount of XP.

Maximizing Your Gameplay: Essential Tips

Now that you understand the basic skills let’s look at some general tips to maximize your OSRS gameplay.

How to Make the Best Use of Your Time

Use idle time by training skills that don’t demand your full attention, such as fishing or woodcutting. Combine your skills whenever possible to optimize XP gains, like burning the logs you cut to train woodcutting and fire making simultaneously.

Prioritizing Skills for Level-Up

Prioritize leveling up those skills that help you out in multiple areas. Cooking and woodcutting, for example, can be beneficial in numerous situations, making them an excellent choice for early game leveling.

Financial Aspect of Training

It’s impossible to talk about OSRS skills without considering the financial aspect of training.

Understanding the Cost implications

Training in OSRS requires investing in resources, tools, and sometimes even skill-specific clothes. While you can recover some of this cost by selling high-level craft items, it’s essential to keep track of your spending.

How to Fund the Training Sessions

One of the best ways to fund your training in OSRS is through Slayer tasks and Boss kills. These activities can significantly reward you with in-game gold that you can use to invest in your skills.


On your journey through OSRS, skills are your best allies. With every new level, you unlock a new aspect of gameplay, enhancing your OSRS experience.

Final Thoughts on OSRS Skills Mastery

To become a skill master is a commendable achievement, regardless of which skill you choose. However, remember that the journey is more important than the destination. Even if it takes time to reach level 99, enjoy the ride, learn all you can, and, more importantly, have fun playing the game.

Reflection on the Training Guides

The training guides for the five fastest skills are your starting points. Based on them, you can develop your strategy, evolve it, and adapt it to create a personalized path toward skill mastery.

Motivation for Continual Learning and Leveling

Remember, the OSRS skills mentioned above are just a fraction of the total skills available, and each brings a unique flavor to the game. As you get better, challenge yourself to learn and master new skills. After all, it’s this desire for continual growth that keeps us engaged and turns us into devoted RuneScape players.

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