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OSRS Pet Guide: Discover the 6 Easiest Pets to Obtain

Dive into the enchanting world of Old School RuneScape with our OSRS Pet Guide. Master the odds and discover the 7 easiest pets to obtain today!

You’re entering the charming world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), and pets are definitely on your radar. You’ve set your heart on becoming a proud pet owner, yet the world of Gielinor is vast, and you’re unsure where to start.

In the article “OSRS Pet Guide: Discover the 7 Easiest Pets to Obtain”, you’ll find everything you need to know about the seven easiest pets to get in OSRS. So, brace yourself and prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure filled with laughs, battles, and, most importantly, adorable companions!

Understanding OSRS Pets

The gaming world is vast, and Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is no exception, with its numerous elements designed to keep players engaged. One particularly intriguing aspect is OSRS pets.

What are OSRS Pets?

In OSRS, pets are unique miniature creatures that follow around their owners. They don’t possess specific purposes or offer assistance in combat, but they are an excellent testament to your fortune and perseverance in the game. These adorable companions come in various forms, from simple pets like cats to more extraordinary creatures like hellhounds and dragons.

How to Acquire OSRS Pets

So, how do you obtain these charming sidekicks? The most common method is by engaging in in-game activities such as bossing, skilling, raids, and more. It’s crucial to remember that the chances of getting a pet from these activities are generally quite low, making them a rare and treasured commodity.

Importance of Pets in the Game

Although pets do not directly influence the game’s outcome, they contribute significantly to the player’s game experience. They do not just represent a symbol of prestige but also introduce an interesting dynamic on your journey.

OSRS Pet Drop Rates

As already mentioned, getting a pet in OSRS is a game of chance. However understanding the drop rates could bolster your odds of adding a pet to your inventory.

Determining Drop Rates

Drop rates are essentially the odds of a pet dropping while engaging in different activities. They vary greatly depending on the pet in question and the type of activity you are involved in. Some pets may have a drop rate of 1 in 2000, while others could be as low as 1 in 3000.

Factors Affecting Drop Rates

Various factors can influence pet drop rates, primarily the type of activity you’re undertaking. Dust Devils and Cave Krakens, for instance, have relatively high pet drop rates when killed. This makes them popular activities for players hoping to obtain pets.

Raising Pets in OSRS

Acquiring a pet is only part of the fun. Once you have them, the nurturing phase begins.

How to Nurture a Pet

First, you need to ensure your pet has adequate space to roam around. This requires expanding your player-owned house to accommodate your pet. Additionally, it’s crucial to interact regularly with your pet, creating a strong bond between you two.

Pet Feeding Essentials

Feeding is a crucial part of pet care. However, not all pets require food, and those that do can eventually learn to fend for themselves over time. Cats, for example, will require feeding during their kitten stage.

Transformations of Pets over Time

In OSRS, some pets can undergo transformations as they mature. This adds an element of surprise as you watch your tiny creature evolve into something grander.

1. Pet Rock

pet rock

One of the more basic pets is the Pet Rock.

How to Obtain Pet Rock

The Pet Rock is amongst the easiest pets to acquire. You can obtain it from Askeladden during and after The Fremennik Trials quest.

Advantages of Having a Pet Rock

Although the Pet Rock doesn’t offer the dynamism that other pets do, it comes with a general advantage that there are no requirements to keep one. It can also add an interesting marvel to your collection.

2. TzRek-Jad


A prestigious pet to acquire, the TzRek-Jad is fiercely sought after by gamers.

Procurement Process for TzRek-Jad

Procuring the TzRek-Jad isn’t easy, and it requires completing the Fight Cave activity. The Karamja volcano is known as the fight cave, where you must defeat waves of increasing difficulty. After this, TzTok-Jad is battled.

Benefits of Owning TzRek-Jad

Besides the bragging rights of owning this pet, TzRek-Jad is also a testament to your combat skill level.

3. Hellpuppy

hell puppy

Cute but menacing, Hellpuppy is another intriguing pet.

Acquiring Hellpuppy Easily

To get Hellpuppy, you must combat Cerberus, a level 318 hellhound boss. Defeating this boss is no easy feat, but if successfully done, the glorious Hellpuppy could be yours.

Unique Qualities of Hellpuppy

The Hellpuppy is a token of your fortitude and perseverance in the game, especially against formidable bosses. It’s a constant reminder of the skills and strategy you deployed to defeat Cerberus.

4. Chaos Elemental

chaos elemental

Touted as one of the earlier bosses in the game, Chaos Elemental also doubles as a pet.

Obtaining Chaos Elemental

To get the Chaos Elemental pet, you must defeat the Chaos Elemental boss around 300 times. This is no walk in the park.

Special Features of Chaos Elemental

Besides the prestige that follows being a boss pet, it possesses an enchanting yet mysterious charisma. It adds an element of mystique to your pet collection.

5. Giant Squirrel

giant squirrel

Adorable and immensely coveted, the Giant Squirrel is another pet you can have.

Easiest Way to Get Giant Squirrel

The Giant Squirrel is an agility pet that can be acquired through completing Agility courses. The higher your agility level, the greater your chances of encountering this critter.

Why You Need a Giant Squirrel

This pet is a testament to your agility prowess. Furthermore, squirrels are a novelty in OSRS, making you stand out amongst the rest.

6. Rocky


Among OSRS’s rarest and most sought-after pets is Rocky.

Procuring Rocky

Procuring Rocky requires high-level Thieving skills. With each successful steal or pickpocket, there’s a chance you might acquire Rocky.

Pros of Owning Rocky

Having Rocky is an indicator of your expertise in thievery. This pet validates your stealthy in-game strategy and skillful maneuvering.

Closing Thoughts about OSRS Pets

By now, you know a bit more about the world of pets in OSRS.

Why Every Player Needs a Pet

While it’s not necessary to have a pet in OSRS, they add an extra layer of engagement and achievement to the game. They testify to your skills, perseverance, and luck in OSRS.

How Pets Enrich the Gaming Experience

Pets contribute to endorsing your efforts in OSRS and increase the personalization scope in the game. They’re a symbol of status and a testament to your ability, adding depth, engagement, and an element of fun to the Old School RuneScape experience.

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