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List Of All Stranger Things Characters Ranked

An evoking storyline and unforgettable characters are what the famous show Stranger Things has in store for you. It has managed to impact its audience’s minds, so it remains the topic of discussion now and then. But, what makes the show so memorable and loved by the audience is the lovely display of the characters by the show’s actors. 

The actors are the ones who bring the show’s storyline to life, and that’s why they deserve credit for all their hard work and ideas for their characters. They are onscreen for their role, and during this time, they manage to equip you so that you end up wanting more. It is indeed a great appreciation. 

All stranger things characters put their heart and soul into their character, and that’s why they enter the viewers’ minds. But, one’s favorite character may not be the favorite of another. But all of them need to be discussed for sure. So, let’s rank them based on their likeability. 


Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown tops the list for many reasons. Apart from being the crux of the series, the character’s kindness is captivating. She has gained experience with Dr. Brenner. But nothing alters her sweetness. Also, she has a thing for eggo waffles and companionship. 

Her loyalty is unquestionable, and you’ll love her for her transparency. However, the best thing about her is her vulnerability and her ability to love others. She does not expect anything in return, so she tops this list.

Steve Harrington 

Steve Harrington was introduced into the show as an arrogant and selfish man. He is a stereotypical teenage jock focusing on getting maximum popularity. But, he is ready to change his ways when it is shown that he replaces the broken camera that belongs to Jonathan. Instead, he replaces it with a new one.

If you begin this season, you will see his character unfolding in the second season. You will spot him as a lone wolf after his relationship with Nancy ends. 

Also, he eventually becomes an excellent babysitter, and that, too, accidentally! Also, he is the internet’s favorite mother. You can spot the internet platforms like Twitter and Youtube that have compilations showing Steve’s resemblance to a parent figure, like benching the kids and stopping the kids from going headfirst toward danger.

The show unfolds beautifully and allows this character to grow and gain a natural progression.

Jim Hopper

If you are looking to spot something meme-worthy amid all stranger things characters, your search ends here. From the moment this character walks into the police station and the show, he emits an effortless vibe. But you will be surprised about his dark past as the series unfolds.

These things help you gain a better understanding of the way he is and his world-weary outlook.  Sadly, you’ll learn about his pain related to his daughter, but he uses these instincts to fight tooth and nail to save Will and ensure he returns safely.

Further, you’ll see him adopting Eleven as he regains his chance to become a dotting father. 

Joyce Byers

Another very likable character and one of the best mothers, Joyce Byers, is another great pick from the show. You’ll see that the entire town turns against her by calling her crazy. But, they cannot harm her spirit as she fights day and night and trusts her instinct related to her son and his life.

As the show unfolds, you will see that she has some complexities in her character, but you’ll love that she will stand up against every od life puts her through. 

Nothing can harm her spirit when it comes to prioritizing her kids. Also, she is ideal as she gives her kids the space to become what they want to become. The best traits of her character are that she is warm and compassionate.

Also, she listens to reason and ensures that she cares for everyone around her. She is something that everyone wants and loves having around. 

Will Byers

Will Byers is the epitome of the best boy. Of course, you can find him in his shy mode sometimes, and he is quiet in many places. But that’s not the thing about him.

What makes him likable is that he is loyal, and his outpouring of adoration is irreplaceable. Also, his bond with his friends is a true example of standing by each other as they put their lives in danger so that they could fight for him. Everyone should have such a friend circle that they deserve.

When you reach the third season, his character will remind the viewers that to keep such friendships intact, a person acts as a glue or thread that holds all different people together. He is the glue or that thread of his group here.

He initiates the group, makes plans, and does not keep grudges. Instead, he forgives when the plans are not executed or when he feels alone. There’s a lot more to his character. So, please don’t delay and brace yourself for what he has in store for you as he enters the series. 

Dustin Henderson

He is a hilarious character, and there are many reasons behind it. You’ll learn about him as you reach the second and third seasons. He is loyal, and if you mistrust his intelligence, it is a big mistake, as you’ll love his character in the show. 

Well, that’s not all. All stranger things characters have something great to offer, like Max Mayfield, Lucas Sinclair, Eddie Munson, and Robin Buckley, amongst others. The show has everything right, in the right place. That’s why it is one of the top hits and the characters enjoy a massive fan following. 


A show is known for its storyline and how the actors play their characters. So, as a series, acting and character play are essential to winning over the audience.

The characters of Stranger Things are no less. They are excellent at what they do, making the show worth beginning, for nothing stops you from reaching its end. For sure!

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By Jupiter Hadley

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